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  • Complete measurement expertise from one source: Fischer offers the broadest product portfolio on the market
  • Coating thickness measurement, material analysis, nanoindentation, scratch testing
  • From the smallest structures to complex geometries and very large parts 
  • From handheld devices to automated inline solutions
  • From entry-level devices to high-end systems

As part of a detailed requirements analysis, we work together with our customers to find the right measuring device and the right measuring strategy for their application. From handheld instruments to XRF spectrometers and testing equipment for nanoindentation and scratch testing - benefit from many years of expertise and our comprehensive portfolio. Get an overview of our product range here:


Tahribatsız, temassız kaplama kalınlığı ölçümü ve malzeme analizi için XRF

XRF Cihazlarımıza

El Tipi Kaplama Kalınlığı Cihazları


Helmut Fischer'den taşınabilir kaplama kalınlık cihazları: çeşitli uygulamalar için hassas, kullanımı kolay!

Kaplama Kalınlığı için Elde Taşınabilir Cihazlarımıza

Malzeme Testi için Elde Taşınabilir Cihazlarımıza

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For precise measurements in the production process

To our Automation Systems

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Comprehensive capabilities to measure coating thickness and material testing using different measurement techniques

To our Benchtop Devices

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For determining mechanical properties of surfaces

To our Nanoindenation and Scratch Test Devices

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High precision capillary optics for beam shaping of X-rays

More about our Optics here

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