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IHK award for cooperation project between Fischer and CCA-BW

Β© Horst Haas

IHK awards the prize "Excellent Technology Transfer Neckar-Alb" to the cooperation project between Fischer and CCA-BW.

For a joint project, Fischer and the Competence Center Archaeometry – Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW) of the Eberhard Karls University TΓΌbingen were awarded the prize "Excellent Technology Transfer Neckar-Alb" by the IHK Reutlingen. The prize is awarded in recognition of practice-oriented research that has produced innovative products, technologies and services in cooperation with companies.

The project resulted in a compact, mobile analysis device. Three high-resolution, non-destructive analysis methods are combined in one portable device. For the first time, there is a system that enables the combined, non-destructive, highly spatially resolved chemical and structural analysis of a wide variety of samples. It is perfectly suited for the investigation of archaeological artifacts and art objects on-site. In addition, the instrument is used for industrial applications, for example inline process monitoring. Read more here.

Congratulations also to Meister StrΓΆmungstechnik GmbH whose cooperation project with CCA-BW was awarded as well.


Copyright picture Horst Haas

From left:
Sitting: Dr. Tobias Kiemle (Helmut Fischer GmbH), Dr. Melanie Keuper (Meister StrΓΆmungstechnik GmbH), Dr. Frank Josupeit (Helmut Fischer GmbH)
Standing: Dr. Wolfgang Epp & Birgit Krattenmacher (IHK Reutlingen), Dr. Christoph Berthold & Prof. Dr. Jochen Hirsch (University TΓΌbingen)

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