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Scandal in China: 83 tons of fake gold deposited as loan collateral

Fraud of a gold dealer in Wuhan.

This would not have happened with Fischer Messtechnik! A gold trader listed on the New York Stock Exchange collected billions of dollars in loans from local banks and insurance companies over 5 years. As collateral, 83 tons of - alleged - gold bars were deposited. Alleged? As has now come out, these were only covered with gold. Predominantly they consisted of copper.

A huge gold scandal occurred in China. Originator of the fraud is a gold dealer from the area around Wuhan. As credit security this deposited at least 83 tons of false gold with over a dozen Chinese financial institutions. More information can be found in the article of the Handelsblatt 

With little financial investment and even less effort, the fake gold could have been unmasked directly: By measuring the electrical conductivity, the handheld SIGMASCOPE® GOLD B immediately detects whether the golden appearance is deceptive or not - and it does so in the simplest, most convenient and fastest way imaginable. When the probe scans the surface of the bar, the measured values are continuously recorded and displayed. A counterfeit is detected immediately, because the electrical conductivity of copper is significantly higher than the electrical conductivity of gold. Even measurement through foils or packaging is no problem.

For an exact analysis of composition and value, our GOLDSCOPE® SD- as well as the XAN® models are predestined. Using X-ray fluorescence, you can precisely determine how much gold is present.

Don't be fooled! Don't fall for scammers! Save money rather than lose it! Trust Fischer measuring instruments - because control is best!

Gold dealer scam in Wuhan