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Helmut Fischer GmbH celebrates 70th anniversary

Helmut Fischer GmbH, a world leader in coating thickness measurement, materials analysis, nanoindentation and materials testing, is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. In addition to the employees, the celebration will be attended by the wife and son of the company's founder Helmut Fischer, members of the company's governing bodies, and the mayor of Sindelfingen.

Marked by innovations, ideas and joint successes, the company Helmut Fischer GmbH Institut für Elektronik und Messtechnik has written an impressive history since its foundation in 1953. The round birthday now offers not only the opportunity to look back on successful years, but also to look with pride into the future.

Dr. Martin Leibfritz, Managing Director of the measurement technology manufacturer, ventures a look into the past and honors the work of Helmut Fischer: "70-year anniversary of Helmut Fischer GmbH - companies that have such a long existence, is in today's times by far no longer a matter of course. The basis is due to the fact that such a stable foundation was created by Helmut Fischer and his founding colleagues. The equipment was developed at that time with a vision of extreme requirements, from which we still benefit today. This is a major contribution to our success, which we can see and celebrate today."

Even though the measuring systems of the international company are used worldwide, Helmut Fischer GmbH is deeply rooted in its Sindelfingen-Maichingen location. For 70 years, Fischer has exemplified the quality promise "Made in Germany". The Lord Mayor of Sindelfingen, Dr. Bernd Vöhringer, points out: "Helmut Fischer GmbH sells its products worldwide, but they are developed and produced here in Maichingen. For us, the Fischer company is the prime example of a successful medium-sized company, a classic 'hidden champion'. We are pleased about a company that makes an important contribution with social responsibility, sustainability and a diverse range of jobs and thus cannot be imagined without our city."

The anniversary marks a significant milestone in the company's history. As an attractive employer, Fischer will continue to expand its innovative strength and expertise in the future and develop groundbreaking measurement technologies.

Helmut Fischer GmbH celebrates 70th anniversary