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Deposition of carbon layers by means of the inverted fireball process

Deposition of carbon films with very low surface roughness using inverted fireball process.

As part of a scientific publication entitled "Inverted fireball deposition of carbon films with extremely low surface roughness", thin carbon films were analyzed using Fischer's PICODENTOR® HM500 and the BETASCOPE®.

The layers were first deposited by our partners using so-called "inverted fireball deposition". The beta backscattering method was then used to determine the film thickness to 263 nm and verified by nanoindentation. Determining the mechanical properties (Young's modulus as well as Vickers and Martens hardness) of such thin films is challenging. In our case, only indentation depths of about 26 nm are allowed to exclude the influence of the substrate.

The publication was supported by our application experts Wladislaw Feuchtenberger and Dr. Konstantinos Panos of Helmut Fischer GmbH and was developed in collaboration with 4A-PLASMA and Gruenwald Laboratories GmbH.

You can find the publication in SpringerNature's Carbon Letter:

(retrieval of full text may be fee required)

Deposition of carbon layers