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How large is the measuring spot for XRF measurements?

The measuring spot is dependant on the collimator and the measuring distance. Typical values are 30 ยตm โ€“ 3 mm.

Radiation protection for the Fischer XRF instruments?

Most of our XRF instruments are full protection instruments with a design approval according to the German X-ray Ordinance.

What can be measured with the XRF method?

One can measure elements from the atomic number 11 and coating thicknesses from  approx. 0.005 ยตm to 60 ยตm. This depends on the ambient medium (Air, He, Vacuum), detector, size of measuring spot and the atomic number, and of course the application. 

What does the mask 'Data export' signify?

With the export mask one can define, which parameters will be exported and when and where the data will be sent to. The measurement data will then be available as a text file.

How accurate are the measurement results of the Fischer XRF devices?

The measurement accuracy may vary depending on the measuring application: itโ€™s a function of the measurement time, the measurement spot and the uncertainty of the standards with which the XRF device was calibrated.

Whatโ€™s being measured when the XRF device asks for 'Scatt'?

Here, a scattering spectrum is required. Thereโ€™s no need to measure the scattering spectrum; it can be loaded from the menu: General โ–บ Load Spectrum and Evaluateโ€ฆ

Why can't I create a new measurement task?

The super software is not activated.

The XRF device is printing out all measured values without being asked to.

Most probably, the option File โ–บ Print Single Readings has been activated in the menu. In this case, each individual value is sent to the printer buffer; then, once a page is full, itโ€™s printed automatically. Deactivate Print Single Readings and clear the printer buffer.

Some measurement readings were accidentally deleted. Can they be restored?

If single readings in the block were deleted, a dash will appear in the list of measured values. These measurements can be displayed again in the menu Evaluation โ–บ Undelete Reading. However, if all the measured readings of a block or product were deleted, the data cannot be restored.

What do I have to know about the Calibration of my XRF spectrometer?

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