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  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 24 elements, from Al(13) to U(92), XDV-ฮผ LD: S(16)-U(92)
  • Advanced polycapillary optics that focuses the X-ray beam down to 10 ฮผm (FWHM) for measuring on microstructures
  • Programmable XY stage and pattern recognition for automatic measurements on multiple samples
  • Extending sample stage for easy positioning of the sample
  • Guided calibration process
  • Robust design for long-term use
  • Optical microscope (270x magnification) with video, laser pointer to show the exact measuring spot
  • Fundamental parameter analysis for measurements without calibration
  • Complies with IPC-4552A, 4553B, 4554 and 4556, ASTM B568, ISO 3497
  • Fischer's certified standards are traceable to internationally recognized base units


  • Au/Pd/Ni/CuFe and Sn/Ni coatings in the micro- and nanometer range
  • Assembled and unassembled circuit boards
  • Testing of base metallization layers (under-bump metallization, UBM) in the nanometer range
  • Measurement of light elements, e.g. determination of the phosphorus content (in ENEIG/ENEPIG) under Au and Pd
  • Lead-free solder caps on copper pillars
  • Testing the elemental composition of C4 and smaller solder bumps, as well as small contact surfaces in the semiconductor industry

Solder bumps? PCBs? Lead frames? Measure all this and more with just one XRF instrument!

The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ XDVยฎ-ฮผ spectrometers are Fischerโ€™s high-end X-ray fluorescence (XRF) series, developed for precise layer thickness measurement and material analysis on the tiniest of structures. All units are equipped with a polycapillary optics that focuses the X-ray beam to 10 ฮผm (FWHM). The polycapillary optics produces a high radiation intensity, which drastically reduces the measuring time compared to an optics with collimator. 

All Fischer XRF instruments are supplied with the versatile WinFTM software, which allows you to measure a wide range of applications with superior accuracy. WinFTM also has an integrated report generation tool that allows you to create individual reports with just one click. In addition, the WinFTM software offers guided calibration. 

The XDV-ฮผ devices work with a range of filters as well as voltage and current settings that allow you to create the best excitation conditions for complex applications with up to 24 elements. In addition, the XDV-ฮผ has a programmable XY stage and pattern recognition software to make automated measurements on multiple samples as easy as possible. 

In the standard version, the XDV-ฮผ is equipped with a tungsten X-ray tube for high precision in general applications. Molybdenum and chrome variants are also available.

Specialized XRF instruments for special applications

The XDV-ฮผ series includes specialized XRF devices that are tailored to specific applications in the electronics and semiconductor industries. For example, the XDV-ฮผ LD is tailored for measurements on assembled PCBs, the XDV-ฮผ WAFER has an automated wafer chuck, and the XDV-ฮผ LEAD FRAME is optimized for the measurement of lead frame coatings.

Want to find out more? Send us your sample or arrange for your free demonstration of the XDV-ฮผ series today!


We have developed the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-ยต especially for measuring smallest structures and components with short measuring times. A large-area silicon drift detector and the polycapillary optics enable precise, repeatable measurements e.g. on bond surfaces, SMD components or thin wires. That permits precise quality monitoring of the coatings on printed circuit boards โ€“ and ensures their long-term function.

The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-ยต LD is your XRF instrument for the measurement of bulky samples. Due to the measuring distance of 12 mm, even assembled PCBs can be measured without any problems.

  • Microfocus tube with tungsten anode; molybdenum anode optionally available
  • Flexible, 4-fold exchangeable primary filter
  • Polycapillary optics for particularly small measuring spots (10 โ€“ 60 ยตm FWHM) with short measuring times
  • Silicon drift detector
  • Video system with 3ร— optical zoom for precise sample positioning
  • Precise, programmable measuring stage for automated measurements


Wafers place the highest demands on the measurement technology used. Firstly, the surfaces are very sensitive. Secondly, the structures are so small that only special devices can analyze them. Due to the programmable measuring table with vacuum wafer chuck, the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-ยต WAFER is designed specifically for the semiconductor industry.

The polycapillary optics integrated in the XRF-device focus the X-rays onto smallest measuring spots (10 โ€“ 20 ยตm). Thus, the XDV-ยต WAFER allows you to analyze individual microstructures much more precisely than any conventional device can. And of course, this can be done automatically.

  • Special device for automated measurements on wafers ranging from 6 to 12 inches in diameter
  • Microfocus tubes with molybdenum anode as standard, tungsten anode optionally available
  • 4-fold automatically exchangeable filter
  • Optimal local resolution; halo-free polycapillary optics enable measuring spots of 10 or 20 ยตm FWHM
  • Silicon drift detector for maximum precision on thin layers
  • Precise, programmable measuring stage with vacuum wafer chuck for automated measurements on small structures


Rely on the specialist for lead frames. With the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-ยต LEAD FRAME, you can precisely test thin layers and multi layer systems in the nanometer range on very flat micro-electrical components. A typical composition is gold, palladium and nickel on a CuFe substrate. Also, this XRF gauge is perfectly suited for determining the phosphorus content in NiP layers.

The XDV-ยต LEAD FRAME has both interchangeable primary filters and polycapillary optics engineered for low energies. That creates the ideal conditions for the respective measurement.

  • Helium flush allows for measurement of even very light elements starting at sodium
  • Polycapillary optics
  • High-power tubes with chrome anode
  • 4-fold automatically exchangeable filter
  • High-resolution CCD color camera, crosshairs with calibrated scale, adjustable LED illumination and laser pointer (class 1) for exact sample placement
  • Silicon drift detector
  • Fast, programmable XY-stage with pop-out function and electrically driven Z-axis for automated measurements


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