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Printed Circuit Board




  • The best measurement system for customized and accurate testing of coatings and materials
  • Modular construction and interchangeable probes save time and money by streamlining quality processes
  • Amplitude and phase-sensitive eddy current, magnetic induction โ€“ all in a single benchtop instrument
  • Comprehensive analytical and statistical functions
  • Large, easy-to-use touchscreen with options for external keyboard and mouse


  • Galvanized coatings, paint on steel, anodized coatings on aluminum (PERMASCOPEยฎ)
  • Copper coatings on surfaces and through-holes (SIGMASCOPEยฎ) on circuit boards
  • Copper layers on laminates or in multilayers, measured without influence from facing copper coatings (SR-SCOPEยฎ) in circuit board manufacture
  • Solder resist on copper (PERMASCOPEยฎ) in circuit board manufacture
  • Graphite coatings on piston surfaces or anti-corrosion coatings on brake disks (PERMASCOPEยฎ) in the automotive sector
  • Ferrous coatings on piston surfaces (NICKELSCOPEยฎ) in the automotive sector
  • Ferrite content in austenitic or duplex steels (PERMASCOPEยฎ)
  • Electrical conductivity of non-magnetic metals such as copper, aluminum, titanium (SIGMASCOPEยฎ)

All-in-one system to measure coatings and test materials

Experience the flexibility of Fischerโ€™s modular measurement system, the benchtop FISCHERSCOPEยฎ MMSยฎ PC2, for both coating thickness measurement and material testing. The instrument can be completely customized to your specific measurement and testing needs via 8 plug-in modules. The interchangeable probes feature the accuracy and repeatability of Fischerโ€™s most popular gages. This all-in-one measurement system saves you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple specialized devices while making your quality management processes more efficient.

An investment in the all-in-one MMS PC2 measurement system pays for itself by reducing the time needed to measure and test your products and increasing your flexibility. For example, when used with the PERMASCOPEยฎ and the SIGMASCOPEยฎ plug-in cards plus their respective probes, you can measure both coating thickness and electrical conductivity with the same instrument. The interchangeable card modules allow the user to perform amplitude and phase-sensitive eddy current, magnetic induction test methods without ever needing to change instruments.

The MMS PC 2 comes with the Windows CE operating system already installed, which turns the benchtop tool into a powerful all-in-one system for measuring, testing, recording and processing. With the touch of a button, your data is easily analyzed, stored and exported โ€“ saving even more time in your quality assurance process. The flexibility, accuracy and data handling of the MMS PC2 makes it the ultimate solution for your unique coating measurement and material testing needs.

Ready to improve your measurement process? Contact Fischer today to schedule a live demo of the FISCHERSCOPE MMS PC2.


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