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X-ray XRF fluorescence

XRF Fluorescence Instruments



  • Engineered in Germany: Best quality and cutting-edge technology
  • Just one software for XRF coating thickness measurement and material analysis
  • Extended statistic functions; for example, measurement results can be logged and reported as SPC charts
  • Image recognition: WinFTM finds pre-set measurement positions on its own
  • Standard free measurements based of fundamental parameter analysis: achieve accurate XRF measurement results without knowing the composition of a sample at hand
  • Distance Controlled Measurement (DCM): allows to measure on test parts of different heights by quickly changing the measuring distance, without the need to set up and calibrate another measuring task. The software recognizes from which distance the measurement is made and automatically corrects the evaluation.
  • Measurement quality: our XRF instuments can judge the quality of your measurements; mistakenly selected the wrong measuring task or measured in the wrong sample? Your FISCHERSCOPE XRF gauge will alert you
  • Tasks: almost any sequences performed in the WinFTM software can be programmed and launched with just one click; for example, a task can measure multiple alloy samples automatically; the XRF spectrometer moves the XY-table to the sample postions, loads for each alloy specific measurement conditions and finally prepares a report according to your needs


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FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XRF Fluorescence Instruments

A FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY is the ideal choice for non-destructive, contact-free coating thickness measurement and material analysis. Since 1983, our XRF instruments have been an integral part of quality testing in almost all major industries. Our instruments are well-known for their precision, accuracy and durability. At the same time FISCHERSCOPE X-RAYs are designed to be user-friendly and to support you in all aspects of measuring. This enables you to focus on the quality job at hand and not on the measuring instrument.

Our XRFs come with Fischer WinFTM software which is designed to facilitate the measurement process. This includes controlling the X-RAY, enabling traceability of measurements, generating personalized measurement reports and interfacing with internal networks.

Our comprehensive range of XRFs are designed to measure different applications with high reliability. Companies all over the world in the field of electronics, electroplating, automotive, gold and jewellery and many more rely on FISCHERSCOPE X-RAYs for quality control. Check out our XRF instruments and find out why today!

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