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Handheld Coating Thickness Gauges

Fischer Handheld Gauges

In 1953, Helmut Fischer developed and produced his first coating thickness gauge for non-destructive measurements in his workshop in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then, we have been consistently innovating and refining our handheld instruments to meet the needs of customers all over the world. To accomplish this goal, we have been adding new measurement methods to our portfolio and thus boosting the capabilities of our tactile instruments. This includes our popular FMP series for a wide range of unique applications to our handy MP0/R series. With the new MMS Inspection series, we set new standards in user-friendliness, ergonomics and handling.


  • All Fischer handheld gauges are user-friendly, easy to use and offer a high degree of flexibility
  • Non-destructive measuring methods
  • Automatic measurement capture
  • Wide range of handheld gauges for almost any measurement task: coating thickness, ferrite content, electrical conductivity, dew point, surface profile and holiday testing
  • Designed for different industries and their indivudual requirements: from rugged, sturdy, simple gages for heavy corrosion protection duty to industrial instruments with comprehensive statistical functions and inspection plan support
  • Wide range of different probes for the FMP series
  • All probes come with a factory calibration: our gages and probes are ready-to-use out of the box
  • Multiple calibration methods: one foil, two foils, normalization, corrective calibration, corective calibration on coating and many more
  • Extensive functions for data evaluation
  • Many measurement features: offset value, outlier control, specification limit monitoring, matrix mode and many more
  • Common measurement specifications are covered: SSPC-PA 2, IMO PSPC, QUALANOD, QUALITCOAT, ISO 19840, AS 3894.3, SIS 184160

The exact features and benefits depend on the individual gauges and their intended applications and industries. Check out our handheld gauges below and find out more about our individual instruments!


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