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First Helmut Fischer Prize for Science Communication awarded to Dr. Giulia Enders

Dr. Giulia Enders (Award Winner), Kurt C. Reschucha (President, Helmut Fischer Foundation), Helmut Fischer (Founder, Helmut Fischer Foundation) and Wolfgang M. Heckl (Director, German Museum) (from left to right)

On 16th February 2016, Dr. Giulia Enders, author of the book "Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ (Darm mit Charme)" was awarded the first Helmut Fischer Prize for Science Communication at the German Museum in Munich.

The prize was awarded by the Helmut Fischer Foundation, founded by Helmut Fischer, who was a researcher in the field of measurement technology. The Helmut Fischer Science Communication is awarded for special achievements in the field of knowledge transfer.

The honorary hall of the German Museum in Munich showcases busts and paintings of important researchers from the past centuries. In the past, Heckl and Reschucha awarded specially designed prizes to scientists including Albert Einstein and Wilhelm Konrad RΓΆntgen.

β€œThe award winner Enders is able to convey extensive knowledge in a very entertaining way”, says Heckl. β€œIn a ten-minute Enders Science Slam, you would learn more than attending an hour of lecture.”

Afterwards, Enders, Reschucha, Heckl and renowned medical journalist, Werner Bartens, participated in a lively discussion about general and science communication.

In conclusion, Kurt Reschucha, President of the Helmut Fischer Foundation, emphasized that the Science Communication award will be presented to new talents in the field of Science Communication in the coming years.

Award winner Dr. Giulia Enders thrilling her audience with her lecture
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