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Importance of Non-destructive Material Testing

There are as many methods and procedures for non-destructive testing as there are areas of application. In industries where the reliability and quality of materials play a role, material testing is essential to ensure long-term functionality. In contrast to destructive material testing, non-destructive testing methods leave materials or components undamaged. Fischer offers many years of experience, the know-how and high quality measurement technology to solve almost any measurement task in the field of non-destructive testing methods. Various measuring devices with different test methods are available.

Testing via Electrical Conductivity

As the name suggests, electrical conductivity provides information on how well a material conducts electricity. This non-destructive method provides information regarding the microstructure, mechanical properties and changes in composition. In industries such as aerospace, aluminum processing and precious metals, this plays a crucial role. The SIGMASCOPEยฎ SMP350 is used, for example, for testing on aircraft wings. It was specially developed for measuring the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals or non-magnetizable metals in accordance with DIN EN 2004-1 and allows conclusions to be drawn about the hardness and strength of heat-treated materials, among other things. The conductivity of aluminum alloys for anodizing processes can also be measured easily and non-destructively. The phase-sensitive eddy current method is used for the measurement.

With the SIGMASCOPEยฎ GOLD B and C hand-held gauges, you can test non-destructively one of the most precious materials: gold. The density of the base material tungsten is almost exactly the same as the density of gold โ€“ but the electrical conductivity of both differs significantly. This type of non-destructive material testing takes advantage of this fact. For example, the measurement of electrical conductivity in accordance with DIN 50994 allows the immediate detection of counterfeits.


Non-destructive Testing by Measuring Ferrite Content

The application of ferrite content measurement is used to assess the expected mechanical properties and chemical resistance of stainless stells and duplex steels. Especially in industries where steel is exposed to heat, aggressive media and high pressure, this method of non-destructive material testing is essential to prevent economic and health damage. For example, too low ferrite content in the area of welds leads to significant strength losses, whereas too high content reduces corrosion resistance, toughness and ductility. Here, it is necessary to determine the ferrite content precisely and to detect even the smallest defects โ€“easily and quickly with the FERITSCOPEยฎ DMP30.


Non-destructive Material Testing for Heavy Corrosion Protection

To ensure that corrosion protection coatings last, in advance, the surfaces of the relevant materials must be inspected and the external conditions determined. The MMSยฎ Inspection SPG is tailor-made for surface profile measurement in any environment. Thanks to this hand-held gauge, it is possible to check quickly, easily and precisely on a material or finished component whether the surface profile values or roughness are maintained.

If the anti-corrosion coating is applied to a surface that is too wet, it results in poor adhesion of the coating. The MMSยฎ Inspection DPM provides a remedy. With this handheld gauge, all necessary climate parameters are determined so that an optimal coating process and long-lasting adhesion are guaranteed.

MMSยฎ Inspection SPG MMSยฎ Inspection DPM

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