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Fischer Handheld Gauges for Material Testing

Special attention is paid to industries such as construction or aerospace, as safety and reliability must be ensured. Regular checks to ensure that welds on stainless steel pipes and containers are in good order or that the aluminum structure on aircrafts is at risk of fatigue are essential for survival. Material failure can have fatal, irreversible consequences. Therefore, the rule is: trust is good - control is better! This also applies to the gold industry, among others. Do not be deceived by appearances. Even if the gold coating still shines so beautifully. If the core is made of copper, as seen in a huge fraud scandal in China, this can have drastic economic consequences.

Examples like the ones just mentioned can be continued for many industries in which the reliability and properties of materials play a role. How good would it be, therefore, if these material tests could be carried out quickly and reliably on site? We have the solution: Fischer handheld gauges for material testing! With our diverse portfolio of handheld gauges, you are properly equipped for almost any measuring task in the field of material testing.

Set the highest standards for quality assurance and rely on the proven Fischer handheld gauges for material testing!

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Handheld Gauge for Ferrite Content Measurement

Even steel is not indomitable. Especially when austenitic or duplex steel is exposed to heat, pressure or aggressive environmental conditions. It is therefore important to always keep an eye on the ferrite content of welds โ€“ and the best way to do this is with a portable handheld gauge for material testing from Fischer.

If the ferrite content is too low, strength losses will result. If the ferrite content is too high, this has a negative effect on corrosion resistance, among other things. How good it is to have access to a handheld gauge with which ferrite content measurements can be carried out quickly, easily and reliably on site. Measure the ferrite content with our handheld gauge FERITSCOPEยฎ DMP30 and stay on the safe side !


Handheld Gauge for Measurement of the Electrical Conductivity

Non-magnetizable metals such as aluminum are sought-after materials for aerospace and vehicle construction thanks to their high strength and low density. It is crucial that each component meets the required strength specifications. However, there are many reasons for failing to meet the strength requirements: the use of wrong alloys that cannot be readily identified. Or excessive heat during the machining of a component and material fatigue. Both can affect mechanical properties and lead to component failure.

The electrical conductivity of non-magnetizable metals is an important material property. Its measurement is an essential part of component quality assurance in aerospace and automotive applications. It allows conclusions to be drawn about mechanical properties, microstructure and even composition.

The Fischer SIGMASCOPE SMP350 handheld gauge makes it as easy as possible to measure electrical conductivity. From our comprehensive portfolio of handheld measuring gauges for material testing, this handheld measuring gauge has been specially developed for measuring the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals or non-magnetizable metals. Benefit from the flexibility and reliability of our portable handheld gauge for electrical conductivity measurement directly in incoming goods, production, maintenance and repair!


Handheld Gauges for the Verification of Gold

In order to be saved from disappointment, attention must be paid just as much to inner values as to outward appearances. This applies not only, but especially to the handling of gold. For your protection, we therefore offer dedicated handheld gauges for checking the authenticity of gold in our portfolio of handheld gauges for material testing - fast, precise, non-destructive, of course.

Tungsten has almost exactly the same density as gold, which is why this metal is popular with counterfeiters. A thin gold coating is enough and the deception is perfect. But this calculation was made without the Fischer SIGMASCOPE GOLD B and SIGMASCOPE GOLD C hand-held gold testers. Because the electrical conductivity of gold is significantly different from tungsten. You don't need to do more than scan the surface of the gold bar or coin with the probe of the handheld gauge. Our handheld gold testers will alert you directly if things are not right.


Handheld Gauges for Comprehensive Corrosion Protection

Before a corrosion protection coating can be applied, surfaces and external conditions must be examined more closely. Only by measuring the surface profile as well as the dew point, it can be ensured that the corrosion protection coating delivers what it promises. The requirements for handheld gauges for surface profile measurement as well as handheld gauges for dew point measurement are high: they must be portable, robust and easy to operate.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the development of handheld gauges for material testing. With the MMSยฎ Inspection SPG, we have a handheld gauge for surface profile measurement in our portfolio. Even large surfaces are measured quickly and easily. And don't forget the handheld dew point meter MMSยฎ Inspection DPM. With it, you determine the climatic parameters necessary for the determination of the dew point.

MMSยฎ Inspection SPG

MMSยฎ Inspection DPM

Handheld Gauges for Material Testing Made by Helmut Fischer

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