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On the fast track โ€“ with know-how from Fischer!

Fischer supports school project.
19. March 2021

Measurement Technology Knowledge for the Race Track

We are pleased to support the team of the secondary school Unterrieden, Maichingen, as sponsor in the project "Formula 1 at school". In this multidisciplinary, international competition, students construct an approx. 20 cm miniature racing car using CAD software. This racing car is presented to a jury and its driving performance is measured on a short racetrack. The documentation of the technical and organizational processes as well as the oral presentation of the group project are also included in the overall evaluation.

Our task is to support the four-member team with advice, but especially with action. Thus, we manufacture the wheels, axles, wheel covers and chassis on high-precision machine tools. Since 2016, we have been trying to optimize the mini racing cars together with the respective team. The composition of the wheels has emerged as a critical success factor. It started with the attempt to keep the centrifugal force as low as possible. The result was wheels with 5 spokes and a tread thickness of 50 ยตm (as thin as a human hair). The speed of the mini racing cars was enormous, but such a wheel lasted only one or two races. After further development and test phases, we were able to achieve the optimum in speed and reliability together. For strategic reasons, of course, the dimensions remain secret.

In this competition, the journey is not the only goal. Making at least 3rd place in the regional championship and the German championship, you qualify for the World Championship, which takes place in the supporting program of the last Formula 1 race of the year. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the team - and wish you a good trip to Abu Dhabi!

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