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For faster and more precise measurements: the new DPP+

Fischer XRF Spectrometers With New Digital Pulse Processor
Fischer Marketing Team | 17. November 2020

Our XRF Spectrometers โ€“ Ready for the Future

The Fischer XRF spectrometers GOLDSCOPE SD 520 and 550 as well as XAN 220, 222, 250 and 252 are now equipped with the in-house developed digital pulse processor DPP+. In combination with the also newly used larger silicon drift detector (50 mmยฒ effective area), an even higher count rate โ€“ i.e. more but also weaker fluorescence signals from the sample โ€“ can be processed with excellent energy resolution.

What does this mean in concrete terms? In short: significant advantages! Compared to the past, the absolute standard deviation can be reduced by up to 45 % at the same measurement time or the same standard deviation can be achieved in one third of the former measurement time. Raise your XRF measurements to a new level โ€“ of course with Fischer know-how!

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