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19. March 2021

Facing the Future with Young Talent

These are bright prospects for the future. It's a great feeling knowing we have such talented young people amongst our company. Myron is an industrial mechanic in his first year of training and has already delivered a masterpiece. As part of his training, he was given the task of making a cube in a cube. Yet this challenge was not enough for him. To cap it all he even made a cube within a cube within a sphere.

The parts were first milled out of anodized aluminum (solid material). Without damaging anything, the cubes then had to be clamped into the sphere. The walls of the sphere were so thin that they broke during the first few attempts trying to insert the cubes. However, quitting was not an option. Instead, perseverance was required. Thanks to his determination and problem-solving skills, Myron was successful in the end!

This delicate work is emblematic of Fischer's aspirations. The development and manufacturing of precise measuring technology requires extreme care, concentration, intuition and attention to detail. Swarovski stones, for instance, adorn the innermost cube.

We congratulate Myron on his extraordinary achievement and look forward to a successful future together!

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