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Everything You Need to Know About Coating Thickness Gauges

16. August 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating thickness measurement is a fundamental component in manufacturing, especially for products that depend on reliable coatings for performance or durability. In certain applications, specialized coatings can provide effective solutions for achieving mechanical functions, appealing finishes, or corrosion protection.

However, coatings must be applied to exact specifications designated by the end-users of the product. Hence, the need for an accurate coating thickness gauge, which can perform precise measurements during the production process. This vital tool ensures quality control when manufacturing top-of-the-line products, contributing to safety, efficiency, appearance, and more.

Coating Thickness Gauge Basics

A coating thickness gauge is an instrument that measures the thickness of a coating that has been applied to a surface. This device is used when manufacturing products or during engineering operations that require a specific coating thickness for compliance with government regulations or customer specifications. Determining the thickness of a coating is important because it impacts the overall productโ€™s longevity, performance, and appearance.

Exact thickness measurements are also critical for understanding the coatingโ€™s capabilities and quality. High-quality gauges provide superior flexibility for analyzing coating thickness without damaging the material. Additionally, these instruments ensure compliance with the International Standards Organization (ISO).

What Are the Benefits of Using a Coating Thickness Gauge?

Users can eliminate excess use of coating material and optimize the overall performance of their end products by adding a Fischer Technology coating thickness gauge to their quality process. Immediately upon setup, youโ€™ll find that all of our instruments are flexible and user-friendly. Additionally, they utilize precise, non-destructive methods for measuring coating thickness, so you can accurately measure your product without waste.

Fischerโ€™s coating thickness gauges are an essential tool for customers in multiple industries and throughout the world. Besides coating measurement gauges, Fischer has a full line of instruments for the most unique applications. For industries that require adherence to established specifications, many of Fischerโ€™s gauges have built-in measurement functions that make it easy to complete these tasks. 

Why Fischer Handheld Gauges?

As a leader in coating thickness measurement technology, Fischer is committed to providing high-quality instruments that offer precise measurements in a convenient, handheld format. We have several different models available, so you can find the right gauge for your specific application. These include:

  • FMP gauges, which allow you to change out probes yourself for added flexibility.
  • MP0 and MP0R gauges, which are ideal for measuring coatings, paints, and plastics.
  • PHASCOPE PMP10 gauge, which allows you to measure electrically conductive coatings on any substrate.
  • MMS Inspection gauges, which are suited for coating thickness measurement on both steel and non-ferrous metals.

These are just a few of the many coating thickness measurement tools Fischer Technology offers. Our commitment to innovation has driven a continuous expansion of our portfolio, beginning with the first coating thickness gauge developed by Helmut Fischer in 1953. 

For more information about our products or to speak to a consultant to find the right gauge for your unique application, contact us today. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you improve your businessโ€™s quality process.


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