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XAN 500 โ€“ Flexible XRF Measurement Technology

Fischer Marketing Team | 24. April 2020

With its updated X-RAY XANยฎ500, Fischer brings a unique device to market. The XAN500 is the worldโ€™s first mobile X-ray fluorescence instrument that measures metal-alloy coatings, e.g. zinc and nickel reliably and accurately.

Increasingly flexible manufacturing processes require highly adaptable measuring technologies.The versatile XANยฎ500 can be used as a handheld device, as a desktop unit, or inline, as an integral part of an automated quality assurance system.


  • X-ray fluorescence instrument for mobile use
  • optimized for coating thickness measurement and alloy analysis
  • 3-point support for correct placement
  • every time measurement box and tablet computer with WinFTMยฎ software


  • One instrument, three ways to use it: handheld, desktop, inline
  • Precise coating thickness measurement in running production (e.g. Zn, ZnNi, Ag, Au)
  • Measure bulky parts like car fenders, pipes and turbine blades with good repeatability
  • Placed into its measurement box, the XAN500 turns into a full-function desktop unit
  • As part of the control system of a production line, the XAN500 enables 100% monitoring
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