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Fischer Technology Inc. Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Fischer Technology Inc. Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
Fischer Marketing Team | 24. April 2020

On July 12, 2019, Fischer Technology Inc. will be celebrating 40 years of excellent service in the fields of coating thickness, material analysis, nanoindentation and material testing. Fischer Technology Inc. was established in 1979, when Mr. Helmut Fischer, the founder of the Helmut Fischer company, decided to base the American headquarters in Windsor, United States. Fischer Technology Inc. sits on 16.5 acres of land and is centrally located between New York City and Boston. Since its opening 40 years ago, Fischer Technology Inc. has grown significantly to include 5 nationwide offices and service centers in America.

Ray Moncevicius, Director of Operations at Fischer Technology Inc., has been with the company since its humble beginnings in 1979. He has accrued interesting customer stories and creative applications over the last forty years. His favourite story is that of Ford Motor Company.

Founded in 1903, Ford Motor Company pioneered the assembly line concept in order to create a vehicle that was affordable for the middle class. In 1983, Ford Motor Company reinforced the quality of their paint application and finish through employee inspired improvements. The company advertised in the Time Magazine with a bold headline โ€™Flaw Fighters. Quality is Job 1.โ€™. The ad shows a Ford assembly line with the body of a vehicle surrounded by technicians using a Fischer PERMASCOPEยฎ to measure the paint on the car body. It also includes an excerpt about the lengths the company has gone to improve the quality of their painting process. Fischer supported this by using the same imagery in one of their own advertisements to reiterate the quality of the PERMASCOPEยฎ.

Similar to how Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company led the revolution of an efficient vehicle manufacturing process, Mr. Helmut Fischer was a pioneer in measurement technology. His spirit of constantly innovating and striving for excellence continues to inspire employees at the Helmut Fischer company today. Committed employees like Ray Moncevicius are a prime example of his legacy. Ray Moncevicius was present when the first Fischer X-Ray left the loading dock and he continues to oversee each instrument that leaves the facility, ensuring the quality of each instrument meets the highest standards.

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