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Our responsibility towards people and the environment

Environmental aspects, energy savings, health and safety are an integral part of Helmut Fischer's global corporate philosophy and quality policy as well as its Code of Conduct. We bear responsibility not only towards our employees, but also towards the environment. Beyond the legal requirements, we continuously work on optimizing processes and procedures to further reduce environmental impacts and health risks and to continuously optimize the environmental performance of our company in accordance with ISO 14001. 

Prevention and sustainability

As early as the development stage of new products, we attach the greatest importance to ensuring that any resulting, in some cases unavoidable, impact on the environment and climate is as low as possible. We also attach great importance to the issue of sustainability. Our production building was designed as a stable, "thermal block" with the lowest possible energy consumption. In addition to a fire-fighting pond, it is equipped with highly efficient heat exchangers as well as a photovoltaic system on the roof, which covers the entire electricity requirements of production in the summer. A large part of our office administrative processes have been digitized, which has significantly reduced paper consumption. Digital workflows, such as digital requisitioning or electronic invoicing, have been introduced and the number of printers across the company has been halved. 

To demonstrate the high level of our energy savings and identify further savings opportunities, we conduct energy audits at regular intervals in accordance with the Energy Services Act (EDL-G) in cooperation with independent experts. 

People as part of the whole

Our landscaped company grounds with many special tree species from all over the world offer customers and employees an exceptional atmosphere. Nature at the workplace invites employees to relax their minds, bodies and souls during breaks. In addition, we promote climate-neutral commuting to work by providing financial support for the purchase of an e-bike.

Recycling and upcycling

We are continuously working to reduce environmental impact. The topic of recycling plays a co-decisive role in this. To ensure proper and correct disposal, we take back old measuring equipment that is no longer needed as well as individual components are returned.* 

Instead of packaging materials made of plastic, we primarily use cardboard packaging with the "RESY mark". Used cardboard packaging is not simply disposed of, but is made available to SΓΌdwest Verpackung Schenk GmbH in exchange for so-called "Karo-Packs", which we use as packaging for shipping. The employees of SΓΌdwest Verpackung use these cardboard boxes to produce new Karo-Packs. The cardboard waste can thus be put to good use.

As a manufacturing company, we attach great importance to proper waste separation. Plastics, wood, hazardous materials, etc. are disposed of exclusively by certified specialist companies. With regard to used batteries, as a distributor we are connected to the GRS take-back system (Β§ 9 BattG). 


* Applies to customers in Germany 

Measurement technology for the benefit of economy, environmental protection and health

Our products enable our customers to use their resources rationally and to operate efficiently and effectively. Corresponding material and energy savings are to the benefit of both customers and the environment. In addition, our measuring instruments are used in pollutant testing to comply with RoHS directives as well as in projects to measure innovative, low-pollutant coating technologies such as Cr(III) on Cr(VI). 

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