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Our divisions and employees introduce themselves

Research & development

Helmut Fischer GmbH has more than 120 employees who work in research & development in 14 different teams and at two locations (Sindelfingen and Berlin). The division is structured according to a matrix organization. On the one hand, we have experts in hardware and software development, design, component development, algorithm development, prototype development, and validation and verification. On the other hand, Fischer's expertise in X-ray fluorescence (XRF), Nanoindentation, Terahertz Spectroscopy, Tactile measurement technology, and Automation are located here.

It makes Fischer special: The calibration laboratory of Helmut Fischer GmbH is the first and only company in Germany to be accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the mechanical measurand "mass per unit area". The certifications are carried following the standards of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). Nevertheless, Fischer is one of only two manufacturers worldwide to develop high-tech X-ray capillary optics - an essential component of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

Dr. Tobias Kiemle, Application developer X-Ray

As an application engineer in the field of X-ray fluorescence, I am the contact person for all application-related topics in software and hardware development. This ranges from the development of new and improvement of existing measurement tasks, to tests of component and overall systems under real measurement conditions, to the design of new software or hardware functions. I like working at Fischer because of the friendly and open atmosphere. The atmosphere is very collegial and there is a great willingness to help each other. We also benefit from our flat hierarchies. 



With over 150 employees, the operations department is the largest one within Helmut Fischer GmbH. The primary division is the production, which is located at our headquarter in Sindelfingen-Maichingen.  Equally important are the production-related departments such as quality management, lean management, and industrial engineering, responsible for the automation of production. Supply chain management, which comprises production planning, purchasing, logistics, and order processing, are all at the heart of Helmut Fischer. From order entry to production and delivery of the product, all steps are covered in our operations.

Junaed Mirza, Inspector X-RAY Instruments

The production area has been my workplace for 6 years. I am responsible for functional control, quality control, and customer-specific calibrations. For instance, I configure the gold setup, which can be used to analyze the precious metal composition of jewelry, among other things.

I like my job, specifically, the teamwork and interaction with other departments such as development, automation, quality management, or the calibration laboratory. Together, we all support each other and master challenges outside of work, such as a half marathon or a joint soccer tournament. For me, the team spirit and the pleasant working atmosphere characterize the work at Fischer.

Tim Bruss, Trainee Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems

Nico Moll, Trainee Industrial Mechanic

Sales Germany

In addition to office and field sales, the sales Germany division also includes customer service, equipment maintenance, product training, and more. Additionally, the application laboratory is an essential part of our sales process. Experts in physics and materials science are ready and glad to help our customers succeed. We carefully consider the best measurement techniques for our clients, in line with their specific application challenges, infield or on-site.

Finance/controlling, legal & IT

As the name suggests, the finance, controlling, legal and IT department is concerned with managing our internal corporate processes. Compared to financial accounting, controlling specializes in the critical figure-based strategic development of our company.

Our IT department ensures that our systems and hardware always run smoothly. Following the implementation of SAP software, an SAP in-house team was established in 2019. Our SAP experts actively support other departments in the company-wide expansion of the SAP structure.

Quality Management

With almost 10 employees, the area of quality management and control comprises an important part of our corporate structure. In addition to the classic incoming goods inspection, the topic of supplier development and auditing is also an important component. Quality management has an impact on all areas, organizational units and subsidiaries. Our employees have a high level of process understanding on a global level.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department consists of the personnel department, the trainees and the Reception.  The Human Resources Department's primary focus is the support of our employees, managers, and new employees' recruitment.  Besides, training is affiliated with the Human Resources Department. As the face to the outside world, Reception ensures that every caller and visitor is directed to the right department.

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