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We support our customers in achieving the best measurement results simply and reliably. Numerous customers from a wide range of industries have relied on us since 1953. We repay this trust with high-quality products and excellent services. If we can also help you achieve your goals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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A special honor for us

At BCW Treatments we strive to obtain excellence in all our surface treatment processes. The Fischer instruments are vital because that is how we control our process and ensure we are fulfilling our own quality standards and customer specifications, as the reproducibility and accuracy are very good in the Fischer XRF and handheld meters.

Dr. Junia Cristina Avelar-Batista-Wilson // Technical Quality Manager at BCW Treatments, UK

Fischer impresses with their high-precision measuring instruments, application consulting and comprehensive service. For us, they are a permanent partner for measuring coating thickness.

Beate Brand // Head of Quality Lab at KNEISSLER Brüniertechnik GmbH, GER

At Fischer, the customer relationship does not end with the sale of the device - it begins then.

Paul Comer // Technical Director at Graphic Plc, UK

The best part of my experience with Fischer Instruments is that they always go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. Alex and Oliver are very responsive to my questions and always go out of their way to make sure I am satisfied with their products and service.

Raj Thaker // Technical Quality Manager at The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, UK

Swiss watches, coatings from STS and measuring devices from Fischer - it's a perfect match because everyone focuses on the best possible quality.

Frédéric Saulcy // CEO at Saulcy Traitement de Surface, CH

We can only recommend Helmut Fischer for the quality assurance of surfaces. We have been more than satisfied with the measuring devices and advice for years.

Tomasz Suchcicki // Quality Manager at Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH, GER

When we encounter problems, Fischer always helps us solve problems quickly and kindly, professionally. Fischer is an important partner in our business.

Chen Pei-Shan // Employee at YuTing Industrial Co., Ltd., TWN

Fischer has been just excellent. Anytime I need to get in touch they are always so supportive, a great crew, wonderful people who are a joy to welcome to the plant

Ant Scarratt // Metallurgist and Laboratory Manager at Hardide Coatings Ltd., UK

The support from Fischer is good. They are fast in solving any problems and in our daily work this is very useful for us!

Dr. Belen Morales // Head of Analytical Services at Sheffield Assay Office, UK

Fischer’s measuring instruments come highly recommended by our collaborators. They are not only high-performance, but also very robust. But for us, what sets Fischer apart from other manufacturers is undoubtedly their customer service. Their expertise, ability to listen and flexibility have enabled us to adapt our installations entirely to our needs, giving us greater efficiency and measurement accuracy.

Kazunori Suzuki // Representative Director at Suzuki High-Tech, Inc., JP

Accurate and reliable measuring instruments are essential to meet the standards of The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand and to ensure and support the growth of the gemstone and jewelry industry. Fischer has been a trusted partner of GIT for over a decade.

Sumed Prasongpongchai // General Director at The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, Thailand

We use Fischer machines to measure coating thickness and plating compositions. They are very useful and imperative in our processes to give us accurate measurements and provide reliable data to our customers.

Alex Pinnock // Quality Systems Manager at Batten & Allen, UK


Praise that makes us shine

We use the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XAN® models 250 and 252. The main advantage of these two models, and of Fischer XRF devices in general, is their speed! If you want an answer to the simple question ‘is it gold?’, you can have your answer in a few seconds, if you want a really accurate reading of the whole alloy, you can get this in less than twenty seconds, which is amazing! We handle really high value precious metals and highly finished jewellery, and therefore we can’t afford to have any damage to the pieces, so the non-destructive testing via Fischer XRF is one of the biggest advantages, and that’s why we use it.

Wanda Tatka // Sampling Supervisor at The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, UK

Great products, accurate and precise results, the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® offers everything our industry and production is looking for.

Dr. Bashar Al-Gailani // Laboratory Manager at Nu-Pro Ltd., UK

We use Fischer at Safran knowing that they have done extensive technical work for the XRF which has enabled us to optimize our processes and given us confidence in our testing.

Since purchasing our new equipment the support has been excellent. Alex is always available to help us develop our new process and assist us with any difficulties we encounter.

Adam Hampson // Project Manager at SAFRAN, UK

Our Fischer XRF measuring instrument XAN® is an integral part of our laboratory. We use the device for material analysis and for measuring the thickness and type of various electroplating coatings. When we need support with new applications, the Fischer team is always very helpful. The XAN® has excellent reliability, a high degree of accuracy and is relatively easy to use. I will definitely buy a device from Fischer again.

Steve Green // Head of Metallurgy at CATRA, UK

Fischer's FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® has been with Techplasma Technology for 20 years. During this period, the chamber has only been replaced once. Fischer's XDL® instrument is a stable and very trustworthy testing instrument.

Yang Jin-Chang // Employee at Techplasma Technology Co., Ltd., TWN

The XAN 500 portable Fischer unit has opened up a whole new world for us and uses the same software, so it was easy to pick up, literally, to do the measurements with!

Ant Scarratt // Metallurgist and Laboratory Manager at Hardide Coatings Ltd., UK

Analytical Services offer a large range of elemental compositions and to do this we use a wide selection of analytical techniques including Fischer XRF, especially for identifying any cross-contamination and quantifying precious metals.

Dr. Belen Morales // Head of Analytical Services at Sheffield Assay Office, UK


This is what good contact feels like

Borough has recently switched to the Fischer COULOSCOPE® which is an excellent instrument for coulometric coating thickness measurement.

Borough also invested in the Fischer XRF handheld XAN® 500, which is ideal for quick and easy elemental analysis without destroying the actual components.

Aamir Chaudhry // Director of Operations and Lead Auditor at Borough Chrome, UK

The DMP® series immediately impressed us with its ease of use and the extensive functions of the device as well as the innovative software – an absolute must-have!

Tomasz Suchcicki // Quality Manager at Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH, GER

Allied UV personnel spend most of their time working with our customers recommending, training and implementing industry-best technologies. Fischer has a great range of coating measurement devices available, and after testing many of these products against competitive offerings, we at Allied UV determined that the compact PERMASCOPE® MP0®R was the best solution for all of our coating measurement needs. The PERMASCOPE® MP0®R offers ease of usability, very accurate measurements, and excellent visual representation during use. In addition, the durability and compact size of the PERMASCOPE® MP0®R make it ideal for use on the plant floor. Thank you, Fischer.

Michael Kelly // Chief Customer Officer at Allied UV, USA

The new DUALSCOPE® DMP®40 from Fischer sets new standards in terms of robustness, ease of operation and data export – and thus makes daily quality control in our production easier.

Beate Brand // Head of Quality Lab at KNEISSLER Brüniertechnik GmbH, GER

The DUALSCOPE® DMP® is very handy and user-friendly. It is nice, that Fischer thinks along from the customer´s perspective.

Maaike van Dun // Office Manager at GMM Pfaudler, NL


Automatically better

Automated measurement technology from Fischer means experts in the field, advice and support from A to Z, simple integration into the existing system, and reliable measurement performance.

Stefan Wunderlich // Proxy at KF Industrieanlagen GmbH, GER

Success stories

Achieving success together.

The Goldsmiths' Assay Office & Fischer

Precious metals are tested, hallmarked and certified at the London Assay Office. With the help of Fischer X-ray instruments, the high requirements can be met, quality standards guaranteed and customers protected from counterfeiting.

BCW Treatments & Fischer

BCW Treatments supports its customers with high-quality surface treatments in various sectors. A wide range of measuring solutions from Fischer are used to meet these high quality standards.

CPCA & Fischer

The Chinese PCBs Association (CPCA) is a national association that promotes the development of the Chinese electronics industry and sets national standards. Standardized quality assurance is essential for this and this is where Fischer comes in.

KF Industrieanlagen & Fischer

In cooperation with KF Industrieanlagen GmbH, the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY 4000 was integrated into a strip electroplating system. This allows precious metal consumption to be reduced, plant speed to be optimized and product quality to be assured.

Winstar Chemicals & Fischer

Winstar Chemicals offers technical services and stable products for metal and plastic surface finishing. Winstar and its customers rely on Fischer coating thickness gauges for their accuracy and precision to minimize coating thickness errors.

Sheffield Assay Office & Fischer

The Sheffield Assay Office tests and hallmarks the highest-quality precious metal wares. With the help of Fischer X-ray devices, the high requirements can be met – by a quick, precise and non-destructive determination of metal composition and material conformity.

CSEA & Fischer

The aim of the China Surface Engineering Association is to follow standards while participating in the development of industry regulations and standards. Fischer supplies high-precision measuring instruments for the industrial transformation of the surface treatment industry.

Hardide Coatings & Fischer

Hardide Coatings develops and produces advanced surface coatings. In order to meet the high demands on performance, safety and quality, Fischer measuring devices are in daily use to precisely measure the coating thickness.

Korea Aerospace Industries & Fischer

Korea Aerospace Industries is one of the leading aerospace companies in Korea. In order to check the material stability of components that are also exposed to strong temperature fluctuations, electrical conductivity measurement devices from Fischer are used. 

Batten & Allen and Fischer

Batten & Allen specializes in the stamping, plating and assembly of high precision parts for a wide range of industries. To meet the high quality requirements, Fischer X-ray instruments are used to measure coating thickness and material composition – with sub-micron accuracy!

  • Cha-Yee Industrial & Fischer

      Cha-Yee Industrial Co., Ltd. uses FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XAN® 500 to test the Ag coating thickness of large objects.

      Cha-Yee Industrial has been specialized in electroplating processing for more than 50 years, and it obtained the high conductive silver plating technology of electric power equipment from Japan Heavy Electrical Machinery Factory twenty years ago. Cha-Yee Industrial assisted various heavy electrical machine factories in Taiwan by providing high-thickness conductive silver electroplating services.

      Cha-Yee Industrial originally used the BETASCOPE®, but it purchased in addition the XRF handheld XAN® 500 in 2022. The XAN® 500 made Cha-Yee Industrial test the silver coating thickness of large objects more quickly, which not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures product quality and obtains more orders.

      Cha-Yee Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Conventya & Fischer

      The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDLM® was one of the very first instruments in our regional technical services center of Conventya when it started in 2013. My colleague and I have been using it every day to analyze element compositions and measure the layer thickness of our samples as part of our service to customers. I feel that the Fischer’s WinFTM® software is quite simple and straight forward to use for our operations.

      Fischer’s service and support has been exemplary. From coaching us to use the instrument and using the software, Mr Loh was always patient and helped us with a smile. Furthermore, he was efficient in creating specific applications we needed and assisting us in troubleshooting. 

      Overall, I feel that the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDLM® has met our needs well and I am not afraid to recommend Fischer to other companies.

      Dion Tee // Senior Technical Service Chemist
      Dion Tee // Senior Technical Service Chemist
  • Foretech Electronics & Fischer

      Foretech Electronics Co., Ltd. uses the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XULM® and the XDVμ® WAFER to ensure coating thickness and control material costs.

      Foretech Electronics has been established for more than 22 years since its establishment in March 1987. It is mainly engaged in the electroplating OEM service of gold plating, silver plating, palladium plating, nickel plating, and tin plating on strip terminals such as computer terminals, communication terminals, automobile terminals, mobile phone batteries, and LEDs.

      The cost of precious metals such as Au, Pd and Ag remains high. Foretech Electronics uses Fischer's XULM® instrument to accurately test the precious metal plating on tiny terminals to ensure product quality and effectively control material costs. Foretech Electronics generated profits by using Fischer’s instruments. After years of hard work, the excellent quality of Foretech Electronics’ electroplating products has been deeply recognized by its customers.

      Foretech Electronics
  • Hardide Coatings & Fischer

      Hardide Coatings Ltd. has been using the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDAL® on a daily basis for more than ten years to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of electroplated and electroless nickel interlayers on a variety of alloy substrates. It is a robust and versatile device that is easy to set up and operate, allowing quick adaptation to different, small component sizes and geometries as well as quick adaptation to different base materials to support production process analysis.

      In 2021, a new customer required accurate nickel measurements on components almost one meter long and weighing over 75 kg, which far exceeded the functional capacities of the XDAL® benchtop device. Fischer's current devices were so well integrated into our process that we only had one supplier in mind when looking for a suitable portable device for this task.

      The reliable support and quick response to all requests has made Fischer an invaluable business partner in meeting Hardide Coatings' analytical requirements. With its improved detector and ease of use, the Fischer XAN® 500 handheld device was a natural choice. Utilizing the same familiar and flexible software, it was an absolute no-brainer device that has quickly become another reliable part of our world-class laboratory toolkit!

      Ant Scarratt // Metallurgist and Laboratory Manager
  • Kiyokawa Plating Industry & Fischer

      Kiyokawa Plating Industry was founded in 1963. We decided to use Fischer's measuring instruments after visiting an IBM plant in the U.S.A. in 1986. There, we saw Fischer's XRF measuring instruments in operation on the production line and decided that we wanted to install them in our plant as well.

      We have been using Fischer XRF measuring instruments for 40 years now. There is no doubt that Fischer instruments are highly accurate, robust, and reliable. In addition, Fischer's flexible service response allows us to customize them to our needs in order to work more effciently. With this customization, we have been able to meet the high demands of quality inspections that are required by our customers. Our longstanding cooperation with Fischer has also left a lasting imprint on our brand.

      We have adopted Fischer's orange color in our logo, as well as the orange line on our building, just like Fischer's!

      Mr. Hajime Kiyokawa
      Mr. Hajime Kiyokawa // CEO
  • Suzuki Hightech & Fischer

      Founded in 1914, our surface treatment company holds a 110-year long history.

      Fischer’s measuring instruments come highly recommended by our collaborators. They are not only high-performance, but also very robust. But for us, what sets Fischer apart from other manufacturers is undoubtedly their customer service. Their expertise, ability to listen and flexibility have enabled us to adapt our installations entirely to our needs, giving us greater efficiency and measurement accuracy. We are currently in the process of expanding our plant and have already ordered three additional Fischer measuring instruments!

      Mr. Kazunori Suzuki
      Mr. Kazunori Suzuki // Representative Director
  • Techplasma & Fischer

      Techplasma Technology Co., Ltd. uses FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® to measure the Ni coating thickness on samples.

      Techplasma Technology was established in 2002, specializing in electroless nickel (EN) plating processing. In 2003, it introduced Fischer's FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® instrument to control product film thickness. Due to its good product quality, it has become the leading electroplating foundry in central Taiwan over the years.

      Techplasma Technology Co. Ltd.
  • YuTing & Fischer

      YuTing Industrial Co. Ltd. uses FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® and FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDLM® instruments to ensure electroplating film thickness specifications

      Yuting Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in June 1999, specializing in Au, Ag, Ni electroplating processing. The founder, Mr. Hsu, knew that good and stable product quality was the only way to make sustainable operations. Therefore, at the beginning of the company's establishment, a FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® instrument was purchased to control the electroplating film thickness.

      Later, due to the miniaturization of electronic parts, a FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDLM® 237 instrument was purchased to measure tiny objects. With stable quality over the years, the business has been booming.

      YuTing Industrial Co. Ltd.