Vision and values of Helmut Fischer GmbH

Vision and values

We act out of conviction.

Our measuring solutions and services make your world measurably easier. You can experience that in many places, reaching us anywhere in the world at any time. We maintain long-term relationships based on a partnership, and we develop durable and intelligent products that make you more efficient. You don't just work casually, either. In order to do what you do best, you need attitude and values ​​in addition to a great deal of expertise.These are some of our values:

Listen and understand

Listen & Understand

Only those who listen well can really understand. And we want to understand everything. You, your needs and challenges, the market, suppliers, partners and our employees. And because it's not just the "what" that matters to us but also the "how", we value friendly interaction, communicating transparently while being absolutely reliable.

  • What this means for us

      • It is important for us to listen carefully in order to fully understand the context of your needs.
      • We treat people with empathy and do everything we can to understand others.
      • Customer-oriented behavior is just as effective for us externally – with customers, suppliers and partners – as it is internally, in our dealings and interactions with managers and colleagues worldwide.
      • We focus on being friendly, prompt, and solution-oriented. We communicate transparently and reliably.

Expertise & Passion

We do what we love and we love what we do. We are convinced that it is not only the head that leads to great innovations and technical excellence, but also the heart. And that's exactly why it's so important to us that every individual is allowed to contribute their emotions, opinions and feelings in addition to their skills and competencies.

Expertise & Passion
  • What this means for us

      • Our high standards for ourselves, as well as our willingness to change, drives us every day.
      • The different competencies, perspectives and experiences of our employees form the basis for innovation and help us to understand the needs of our customers around the world.
      • For us, excellence means continuously getting better. We work with passion and enthusiasm to exceed goals and objectives while developing outstanding skills and capabilities.
      • Resourcefulness means imagining what is possible and fostering a creativity that challenges limitations and boundaries and drives progress. It includes forward-thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, planning and action.
Respectful treatment

Appreciation & Respect

Treating each other with respect is very important to us. Whether executives, trainees or business partners, we communicate clearly, unambiguously and at eye level. For us, trust and respect are the basis of successful cooperation. We promote individual talents and recognize achievements, we give constructive feedback and find solutions together as a team.

  • What this means for us

      • We treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners with appreciation and respect. Diversity, tolerance, humanity and cohesion are the hallmarks of our corporate culture.
      • For us, appreciation and respect mean dealing with others in the way we ourselves would like to be dealt with. For us, integrity means doing the right thing and being authentic.
      • We recognize performance and ensure clarity in communication. We give constructive feedback and maintain an open and respectful relationship with each other.
      • For us, appreciation also means responding quickly and with a positive attitude to the needs of our customers and colleagues.

Trust & Commitment

You can rely on us, just as much as we rely on everyone we work with. We maintain personal, trusting relationships with customers and employees, some of which have lasted for decades. We believe that trust and commitment are important keys to a sustainably successful company. We keep our promises. Promised.

  • What this means for us

      • We conduct our business with honesty and transparency and adhere to the highest standards. In doing so, we build and sustain relationships based on trust.
      • We work together and help each other to be successful together.
      • We communicate openly and honestly – sharing information, insights and advice constructively and regularly, and navigating through difficult situations with courage and authenticity.
      • We do and deliver what we promise, and lead by example.