In harmony with people and the environment

In the head facts. In the heart, the planet.

Our products promote the efficient and sustainable use of materials. Thanks to them, RoHS directives can be met, among other things. This is very important to us, as nature knows no tolerance for error. We want to be a role model and pioneer ourselves in dealing with resources, our health, and the planet. This means more to us than just complying with regulations and laws. We work every day to do our best for our environment, and with success.

Solar panels on the roof

Prevention and sustainability

Product development with foresight: We scrutinize every single component.

Our production building was designed for the lowest energy consumption.

We work with heat exchangers, photovoltaics and more.

Regular energy audits according to EDL-G, also with independent experts.

Digital workflows significantly reduce our paper consumption.

Waste avoidance is an integral part of our working philosophy.

Man as part of the whole

Fair working conditions and a unique working atmosphere.

Regular offers for health promotion.

Green company grounds that create space for recreation.

We promote climate-neutral commuting for our colleagues, such as by e-bike.

Health program at Fischer
Recycle old equipment

Recycling and upcycling

Taking back old measuring devices and components within Germany.

Use of cardboard boxes instead of plastic.

Waste disposal by certified specialist companies.