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Our Fischer TV Videos

Here you can view our Fischer TV Tutorials. Just click on the preview picture that interests you and benefit from our know-how.

X-Ray Tutorials


Learn how you can easily perform a stability test on your FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY by yourself. We will show you step by step how to do it.

Calibration of X-ray measuring instruments | FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY | Fischer

If there are particularly high requirements for the accuracy of the measurements or if the measured values are to be traceable to national standards, your specific measurement task must be calibrated on the instrument using appropriate standards.

Calibrating FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY: Sending products (Part 1) 

In this two-part video tutorial, we explain everything you need to know about exporting and importing products using Helmut Fischer's WinFTM software.

Calibrating FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY: Sending products (Part 2) 

In this two-part video tutorial, we explain everything you need to know about exporting and importing products using Helmut Fischer's WinFTM software.

GOLDSCOPE SD | Material Analysis of Gold & Precious Metals โ€“ Fast, Precise, Nondestructive

With the GOLDSCOPE SDยฎ series, you can analyse gold alloys and precious metals quickly, easily, precisely and non-destructively. Whether in pawn shops, testing laboratories, refineries, gold purchasing or assaying offices โ€“ the features of the GOLDSCOPE SD models assist you optimally and make your daily work as easy as possible. The required measuring task can be selected with just one keystroke. The most important measuring tasks for gold and precious metals are already pre-programmed. Due to the powerful SDD detector, you attain precise results within 15 seconds.

X-RAY XDLM 237 | Programmable, Motor-Driven XY-Stage for Automated Measurements

With the programmable XY-table, your Fischer X-RAY instrument performs measurements fully automatically. The "M" of XDLM stands for microfocus X-ray tube. Using this instrument, you can measure small samples with a measuring spot of 0.1 mm diameter. It is perfectly suited for coating thickness measurement and material analysis in the electronics industry and beyond. Measure the thickness of single or multiple layers and analyze alloys very precisely.

X-RAY XDL 230 | With DCM: Easy Measurement of Complex Shaped Samples

The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDLยฎ 230 is an X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument for simple, fast coating thickness measurement. Perfectly suited for the measurement of single or multiple coatings. Due to Fischer DCM (Distance Controlled Measurement), even samples with complex geometries can be measured without any problems. The measuring distance can be changed by using the setting dial of the measuring head. With Fischer DCM, this is done quickly and easily without having to adjust the z-axis. Only the focus of the camera is adjusted. Even parts with indentations can be measured without colliding with the height-adjustable measuring head โ€“ thanks to Fischer DCM!

X-RAY XDLM 237 | Solution Analysis of Electrolytes โ€“ Easy & Fast

The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDLMยฎ 237 is an XRF instrument for the coating thickness measurement of single and multilayers as well as for simple alloy analysis. Furthermore, the XDLM 237 is perfectly suited for solution analysis of electrolytes. Almost all electrolytes commonly used in the industry can be measured with this XRF spectrometer. Fischer offers everything you need for bath analysis. Benefit from highest quality of the handy measuring cells and plastic foils! The measurement is prepared in just a few steps. Compared to other chemical electrolyte analysis methods such as ICP-OES, AAS or titration, our method saves time and money because our solution is simpler, cheaper and faster.

X-RAY XDV-ยต | Automated Measurements on Smallest Structures using Pattern Recognition

The FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDV-ยต is the XRF spectrometer of champions for champions! Benefit from measurements on small structures, short measuring times, automatic positioning via image recognition and low standard deviation. By using the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-ยต XRF, measurements on smallest structures can be performed. The polycapillaries, manufactured in-house at Fischer, focus the X-ray beam on a very small spot.

Handheld Gauges Tutorials

MP0 and MP0R | Unboxing: Coating thickness measurment with the handheld device

Practical to use, built to last. We're unboxing one of the MP0/MP0R devices and get it ready for use. With their dual displays, robust housings and wear-resistant probe tips, they're are the ideal companions for reliable usage onsite. Whether in the automotive, building or steel industry: With these small handheld paint thickness gauges, you can measure the vehicle paint thickness and anti-corrosion paint thickness quickly, easily and non-destructively.

SIGMASCOPE GOLD C | Authentication of Gold โ€“ Simple, Fast, Precise, Non-destructive

With the handheld device SIGMASCOPEยฎ GOLD C from Fischer, you can check the authenticity of gold anytime, anywhere. The authenticity testing is simple, fast and non-destructive โ€“ without loss of material or value. The conductivity reliably detects inclusions of foreign materials such as tungsten. Moreover, contactless measurement is no problem, such as through plastic packaging up to 0.5 mm thick.

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