Onsite sales and consulting

Onsite sales and consulting

At home in measurement technology. We will be happy to visit you to advise you.

You want the right measuring tools. We want you to be able to rely on them and get the right measuring system. So as to ensure more safety, the best way to do this is to provide technical advice directly onsite. Personal, close, specific to the component and the process.

In all this, we see ourselves not only as your technical advisor, but also your competent partner and expert for all aspects of professional measurement technology. From handheld devices to automation solutions, from tactile measurement technology to XRF, terahertz and nanoindentation. We take a holistic approach to your needs and work with you to find the best solution.

We take live measurements on your components or samples, analyze the local conditions and circumstances together with you, and also look into the future: Are changes in the architecture planned? Is your production likely to change decisively in the medium term? Are special requirements coming up? When it comes to your tasks, we leave no questions unanswered. And one thing is certain in the end: We will find the right solution even for the most challenging applications. You can rely on that.

We have many questions. So that you get the best solution in the end.

What are your applications or layering systems?

What are the component geometries?

How many measurement points are required?

What are the requirements of your production process and quality control?

What requirements do your customers place on quality, documentation and reporting?

What do you produce today, what tomorrow and what in the coming years?

Are there changes or new developments that affect your coatings or the production process that need to be taken into account?

Together we will find the perfect solution for your individual challenge – contact us, we will be happy to help!