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Why do I receive the error messages 'Error Communication with DAQ Card' and 'Error Communication with Motor Controller' when starting WIN-SCU?

The power supply of the scratch tester is either not switched on or not activated.

Why is there an offset between the video recordings and my scratch?

The wrong lens could be selected, or there may be a systematic offset between the penetration point and the video image. Please select a different lens and re-focus before taking the measurement. If necessary, correct the indentation position with Instrument β–Ί Indentation/Adjust(I).

Why doesn’t the indirect calibration on my DLC standard match the certificate?

The indenter for indirect calibration may be worn or very dirty. Please examine it with a microscope.

The original data of the WIN-SCU won’t open. Why can’t I open the original data of the WIN-SCU?

Sometimes the files can’t be opened because the version of the WIN-SCU software being used to open it is different from the one used to generate the data. Please use the same version as the software with which the data was generated.

Is it possible to take measurements on curved surfaces?

Yes, because the normal force is measured and regulated. In addition, there are various settings to allow the microscope to focus sharply on curved surfaces.

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