A Poly-CCC (Poly Capillary Conic Collimator) is an X-ray poly capillary optics with a conically shaped basic form. Divergent X-rays are collimated and guided. For instance it is possible to collect fluorescence radiation emitted from the sample surface and guide them to a detector. The sketch shows schematically the principle use of a Poly-CCC for XRF or PIXE.


Schematic illustration


Radiation capturing system for micro-XRD, micro-XRF and micro-imaging applications

Technical Parameters Poly-CCC

Sample - entrance distance f, mm    > 1
Length L, mm > 3
Entrance size D1, mm > 1
Exit size D2, mm 3 - 12
Capture angle Φ, ° > 20
Spatial resolution, µm > 20

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