Analysis, value determination and authenticity check.

Robust XRF benchtop device optimized for the most powerful, fast and non-destructive analysis of jewelry, coins and precious metals, also suitable for larger parts.


Up to 50% ¹ improved
performance thanks to DPP+
Manual adjustable table
for fast specimen positioning
Adjustment of the measuring distance through
patented DCM method
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¹ Significantly better standard deviation and thus measurement capability or significantly reduced measurement time in comparison DPP to DPP+.

X-ray fluorescence analysis around gold and precious metals.

The GOLDSCOPE SD® 600 is Fischer's most powerful XRF analyzer for gold and jewelry testing and precious metals analysis. With top down measurements, the sample is simply placed on the manually operated scissor table. A laser pointer serves as a positioning aid. Thus, even samples with complex geometry are no challenge for the analysis.

Your safety.

Best measuring performance for your precious metal alloys


Ideal for pawnshops, gold trading, testing laboratories and jewelry manufacturers


Optimal cost-benefit ratio


Extremely fast and easy, measuring tasks are already pre-programmed

Quick-measure design.

The sample is placed and ready for measurement in just a few steps

DPP+ digital pulse processor.

Shorter measuring times or improvement of standard deviation*

*compared to the DPP

  • Features

      Microfocus tube with tungsten anode

      Silicon drift detector 50 mm² with extra-large effective area of 50 mm²

      Peltier cooling

      Measuring spot approx.: Ø 0.25 mm

      4-fold changeable apertures and 3-fold changeable filters

      Up to 140 mm possible height of samples

      Higher count rates and significantly reduced measuring times thanks to DPP+

  • Application examples

      • Composition of precious metal alloys
      • Authenticity check of gold jewelry, watches and coins
      • Analysis of dental alloys
      • Rhodium layer on gold alloy and gold layer on silver alloy

      Do you have further applications? Then contact us!

Application Notes
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