Analysis, value determination and authenticity check.

Compact and robust XRF benchtop instrument for fast, cost-effective and non-destructive analysis of jewelry, coins and precious metals.


Already pre-programmed
standard measuring tasks
Very good detection accuracy
and high resolution
Type approved
full protection device

Cost-effective X-ray fluorescence analysis around gold and precious metals.

Not everything that glitters is gold: With the help of the GOLDSCOPE SD® you can check the authenticity of jewelry and analyze the composition of gold and precious metals quickly and non-destructively. The GOLDSCOPE SD® family includes various devices to cover specific requirements from the quick purchase and sale of gold to the high-precision analysis of precious metals. Different detectors as well as various space-saving housing types allow the use suiting your measuring task and location.

Your safety.

Best measuring performance for your precious metal alloys

Quick-measure design.

The sample is placed and ready for measurement in just a few steps


Ideal for pawnshops, gold trading, test laboratories and jewelry manufacturers


Extremely fast and easy, measuring tasks are already pre-programmed


Optimal cost-benefit ratio

DPP+ digital pulse processor.

Shorter measuring times or improvement of standard deviation*

*compared to the DPP

  • Features

      Higher count rates and significantly reduced measurement times thanks to DPP+

      Silicon PIN and silicon drift detectors provide very good detection accuracy and high resolution

      Larger hood: From 90 up to 130 mm possible height of samples, depending on device

      Apertures: fixed or 4-fold changeable*
      Primary filters: fixed or 6-fold changeable*
      *depending on device

      Measuring spot approx.: Ø 0.3 mm or Ø 0.7 mm, depending on device

      Type approved full protection device

  • Application examples

      • Composition of precious metal alloys
      • Authenticity check of gold jewelry, watches and coins
      • Analysis of dental alloys
      • Rhodium layer on gold alloy and gold layer on silver alloy

      Do you have further applications? Then contact us!

Application Notes
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Setting up measurement equipment monitoring
Report documentation

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