Cutting-edge technology for wafer applications.

Special equipment for automated measurements of thin films and multilayer systems on wafers with diameters from 6 - 12 inches.


Fischer DPP+ ¹ for highest
precision even with short measuring times
Polycapillary optics produced in-house²
with smallest spot size 10 µm (FWHM)
Automatic image recognition
for reliable measuring of small structures
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¹ Up to 50 % increased performance: Significantly improved standard deviation and thus gauge capability or significantly reduced measurement time compared DPP to DPP+.
² High-end capillary optics made by Fischer – the world's only manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence measuring instruments with its own polycapillary production. Three different high-end polycapillaries available – the right solution for each of your applications: 10 µm halo-free, 20 µm halo-free or 20 µm halo.

Meets all requirements for accurate wafer control.

Due to the programmable measuring table with vacuum wafer chuck and microfocus tube Ultra, the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDV®-µ WAFER is optimally tailored to the needs of the semiconductor industry. Polycapillary optics built into the XRF device concentrate the X-ray radiation on smallest measuring spots of 10 or 20 µm for short measuring times at high intensity. This allows you to analyze individual microstructures much more precisely than with conventional devices - and completely automated.

Fully integrated solution.

XDV®-μ SEMI combined with wafer handler of your choice

Accurate and precise.

Positioning of the measuring point on small structures thanks to automatic image recognition

Meeting all challenges.

Reliable and fast results for ambitious measuring tasks

Fully automatable.

Let your instrument work for you with just one click

Most advanced polycapillary optics on the market.

Our in-house manufactured polycapillary optics deliver outstanding measurement results at short measuring times

DPP+ digital pulse processor.

Shorter measuring times or improvement of standard deviation*

*compared to the DPP

  • Features

      Microfocus tube Ultra with tungsten anode for even higher performance on smallest spots with µ-XRF; Molybdenum anode optional

      DPP+ for highest precision even with short measuring times

      4-fold changeable filter

      In-house manufactured polycapillary optics allow especially small measuring spots with high intensity

      Measuring spot approx.: Ø 10 or 20 µm (FWHM)

      Up to 5 mm possible height of samples

      Silicon drift detector with 20 or 50 mm² for highest precision on thin layers

      Vacuum table with holders for all standard wafer formats from 150 - 300 mm

      Extensive options for automation with WinFTM®

  • Application examples

      • Measuring of smallest structures on wafers up to 12 inch diameter
      • Analysis of very thin coatings, such as gold/palladium layers down to < 10 nm
      • Automated measuring such as in quality control
      • Determination of complex multilayer systems

      Do you have further applications? Then contact us!

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