Your entry into automated measuring.

Robust XRF measuring device for quality control of electroplated bulk parts and for bath analysis.


Adjustment of the measuring distance through
patented DCM method
Type approved
full protection device
PC-detector with largest
measuring window on the market

XRF automation for beginners.

The instruments of the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® series are predestined for measurements in quality assurance, incoming inspection and production monitoring. They are closely related to the XULM® series, with one significant difference: the measuring direction from top down! This means convenient analysis of uneven samples for you as well as the possibility of automated measuring.

Also for large samples.

Hood with C-slot

Built to last.

Robust design for measurement on mass-produced parts

Testing of multiple measuring points.

Even with large samples, measuring points are possible on the entire sample surface


Extremely fast and simple


Different models offer the optimal solution for your application

Quick-measure design.

The sample is placed and ready for measurement in just a few steps

  • Features

      Standard X-ray tube

      Apertures: fixed or 4-fold changeable*
      Primary filters: fixed or 6-fold changeable*
      *depending on device

      Up to 140 mm possible height of samples

      Smallest measuring spot approx.: Ø 0.2 mm

      Determination of the metal content in electroplating baths with corresponding accessories

      Various measuring table options

      Type approved full protection device

      Proportional counter tube detector for short measuring times and small measuring spots

  • Application examples

      • Electroplated coatings such as zinc on iron as corrosion protection
      • Serial testing of mass-produced parts
      • Decorative chromium coatings, e. g. Cr/Ni/Cu/ABS
      • All typical chromium coatings, such as Cr(VI) and new ones like Cr(III)
      • Measuring of functional gold coatings on PCBs such as Au/Ni/Cu/PCB
      • Coatings of connectors and contacts in the electronics industry such as Au/Ni/Cu and Sn/Ni/Cu
      • Determination of the metal content of electroplating baths

      Do you have further applications? Then contact us!

Application Notes
Product videos
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