The high-end all-rounder.

Universal instrument for measurements on small structures, multilayer coatings, functional coatings and thin coatings < 0.1 µm. 


Smallest measuring spot
approx. Ø 0.2 µm
4-fold changeable apertures
3-fold changeable filters
Large Silicon drift detector
for very good detection accuracy and high resolution

XRF PCB testing for professionals.

The combination of a powerful silicon drift detector, multi-aperture and changeable filters makes FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDAL®-PCB instruments predestined for measuring small structures on PCBs.

PCB experts.

Specialized measuring solutions for printed circuit boards, fulfill IPC standards

Meeting all challenges.

Reliable and fast results for ambitious measuring tasks

Fully automatable.

Let your instrument work for you

Accurate and precise.

Positioning of the measuring point on small structures thanks to automatic image recognition


Extremely fast and simple

  • Features

      Microfocus tube with tungsten anode

      Fixed, wide measuring table for PCBs up to 610 × 610 mm, optionally with measuring table extension 1200 x 900 mm or in automated version, depending on device

      Measuring spot approx.: Ø 0.2 mm

      4-fold changeable apertures and 3-fold changeable filters

      Up to 10 mm possible height of samples

      Large silicon drift detector for highest precision on thin layers

  • Application examples

      • Measuring on smallest components and structures on PCBs up to 610 x 610 mm (24 x 24 in)
      • Measuring functional coatings in the electronics and semiconductor industry
      • Analysis of very thin coatings of ≤ 0.1 μm
      • Determination of lead content in solders
      • Determination of complex multilayer systems
      • Direct phosphorus determination of NiP coatings
      • Meets ENIG/ENEPIG requirements

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