Our FISCHERSCOPE® XRF measuring devices for your quality control at a glance

XRF instruments

Safe measuring devices that make you shine.

Want the best measuring devices for your quality control? Then FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XRF measuring instruments are exactly what you need. Precise, fast, reliable and durable: Measure coating thicknesses and analyze materials non-destructively, contact-free and conveniently. The instruments are easy to use and suitable for almost any application.

Discover our large product portfolio with numerous benchtop instruments, a handheld device, (partially) automated X-ray measuring solutions as well as special solutions. Thanks to our powerful and comprehensive WinFTM® software, data transfer, data evaluation and data export are more efficient than ever.

Your advantages


You can choose from three different types of detectors for the optimal solution of your measuring task: Proportional counter tube, Silicon PIN diode and Silicon drift detector

Built to last.

Robust design for particularly high requirements

More safety.

Short measurement times enable even better repeatability of your measurement results


Choice of X-ray tubes, measuring direction, table configuration and more for optimal measurements of your application

Quick-Measure Design.

With a few simple steps, the sample is placed and ready for measuring

Comprehensive service.

From personal consulting to preventive maintenance including repair and spare parts management to seminars at your site

Focus made by Fischer.

As one of only two manufacturers of Polycapillary optics worldwide, we make it possible to focus a large part of the primary radiation onto a very small measuring spot.

Particularly safe.

Full protection instruments with German type approval.


Most powerful application software for coating thickness measurement and material analysis on the market.

Control panel.

Proven and intuitive operating concept for easy handling of the instrument.

Fully automatable models.

Make your instrument work for you with just one click.

Best cost-benefit ratio.

Maximum quality at reduced cost and time.