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  • Premium universal XRF analyzer for automated measurements of very thin coatings (< 0.05 ฮผm) and for fine material analysis in the sub per mil range according to ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568
  • Microfocus tube with tungsten anode
  • 4x changeable aperture for optimized measuring conditions
  • 6x changeable filter for optimum excitation conditions for more complex tasks
  • Extremely powerful silicon drift detector (SDD) with extra-large effective area of 50 mmยฒ
  • Digital pulse processor DPP+ for higher count rates, reduced measuring times or better repeatability of your measurement results
  • Analysis of elements from Al(13) to U(92)
  • Sample heights up to 14 cm
  • High precision, programmable XY stage with positioning accuracy of < 5 ยตm for automated measurements on small structures 
  • DCM method for simple and fast adjustment of the measuring distance
  • Fully protected instrument with type approval according to current radiation protection legislation

Typical fields of Applications

  • Measurement of functional coatings in the electronics and semiconductor industry, e. g. coating thickness measurement of gold coatings down to 2 nm
  • Analysis of thin and very thin coatings in the electronics and semiconductor industry, e. g. gold/palladium coatings of โ‰ค 0.1 ยตm
  • Determination of complex multilayer systems
  • Measurement of hard material coatings
  • Coating thickness measurement in the photovoltaics industry
  • Trace analysis of hazardous substances such as lead and cadmium according to RoHS, WEEE, CPSIA and other directives for electronics, packaging and consumer goods
  • Analysis and authenticity testing of gold and other precious metals, as well as alloys thereof
  • Direct determination of the phosphorus content in functional NiP coatings

The high-caliber all-rounder

The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-SDD is one of the most powerful X-ray fluorescence instruments in the Fischer portfolio . This XRF spectrometer is equipped with a high-resolution and powerful silicon drift detector (SDD) with an effective area of 50 mmยฒ. This allows you to measure even the thinnest layers precisely and non-destructively โ€“ e. g. gold coatings about 2 nm thick on lead frames. 

In combination with the new in-house developed digital pulse processor DPP+, you can boost your measurements performance to a new level. Even higher count rates can now be processed, resulting in shorter measuring times or improved repeatability of your measurement results.

At the same time, the XDV-SDD is perfectly suited for non-destructive material analysis. For example, its detection sensitivity for traces of lead in plastic is about 2 ppm โ€“ several orders of magnitude lower than the values required by RoHS or CPSIA. To create ideal conditions for each XRF coating thickness measurement, the XDV-SDD has changeable collimators and primary filters, which allows working on a scientific level. The extremely robust device with its intuitive control panel is easy to operate via a joystick and buttons, and is designed specifically for series tests in industrial use.

Prior to hallmarking, for high sample volumes or large test parts: Measure gold content quickly and reliably

Reliably examine alloys or precious metals for the finest differences with the new FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-SDD. Obtain highly precise analyses, on the basis of which you can make reliable statements about the value of gold bars, coins or jewelry.

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