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Certified X-RAY Calibration Standards

Certified X-RAY Calibration Standards

You can Count on It

Only a well-calibrated measurement instrument delivers correct results. That's why Fischer places top priority on accuracy for its calibration standards. All our standards are created in ISO 17025-accredited laboratories.

The range includes over 300 calibration standards for coating thickness measurement and material analysis using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF). In addition to individual standards, we also offer sets with reference material for various applications such as RoHS, gold and jewelry, or printed circuit boards.

Depending on the degree of traceability required, the calibration standards are available with either a manufacturerโ€™s certificate or with an ISO 17025 certificate. Our experts will be happy to help you select the right calibration strategy.

Your Own Product as Custom Calibration Standard

Our many years of experience in the calibration laboratory allow us at Fischer to offer unique services: For example, weโ€™ll gladly produce custom standards from your samples. Then you have a certified standard that matches your product exactly โ€“ so you pass every QM audit with flying colors!


With ISO 17025 Certificate

  • Comply with the highest requirements of national metrological institutes such as PTB, NIM and NIST
  • Very low measurement uncertainty
  • Traceable to recognized base units, internationally accepted
  • Simple pure-element layers on solids and as foils
  • Double layers of pure elements as foil standards 
  • Triple layers of pure elements: sets of foil standards for PCB applications

With Manufacturer's Certificate

  • Solid standards: single and double layers
  • Solid standards: alloy layers
  • Foil standards: as single, double and alloy layers
  • Solid standards: pure elements (bulk)  
  • Solid standards: alloys (bulk)


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