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The simplest type of a capillary optics is the X-ray guide, a cylindrically shaped monocapillary. It collimates the X-ray beam and limits the divergence angle at the monocapillary exit to the critical angle of total reflection. In comparison to a pinhole an X-ray guide enhances the intensity on the sample surface considerably. X-ray guides are manufactured with different capillary diameters and capillary lengths in accordance with their application. Additionally they can be equipped by aligned pinholes.


X-Ray guiding system for XRD, Β΅XRD, XRF and Β΅XRF

* ComΒ­biΒ­naΒ­tion with exit pinΒ­hole posΒ­siΒ­ble ** Other lengths on reΒ­quest ***Other housΒ­ing diΒ­amΒ­eΒ­ters on reΒ­quest

Source – entrance distance f1 [mm]

> 10

Capillary diameter d1* [Β΅m]

10 ... 1000

Length l** [mm]

94, 135, 165, 173, 191, 210, 230

Energy range [keV]

1 ... 30

Optimal source size [mm]

0.02 ... 1.0

Housing diameter dmax*** [mm]

7, 10, 16

Intensity gain

3 ... 10
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