Optics for special applications

Customized optics made to measure.

High-precision and customized optics and optical components for the beam shaping of X-rays.


Precisely fitting optics
for your application
developed and produced¹
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¹ Optics that are constantly being developed and manufactured in Germany.

Precisely fitting and highly effective optics for your applications.

The mode of operation of X-ray capillary optics is based on the effect of the total external reflection of X-rays on the inner, very smooth surfaces of the glass capillaries. For very small angles of incidence, almost 100 % of the X-rays are reflected by the glass wall of the capillary and can therefore be guided through the optics with extremely low losses. X-rays can thus be shaped and concentrated through targeted deformation of the capillaries.

Market-leading performance.

Outstanding measuring results with short measurement times thanks to concentration of the excitation beam

Tailor-made for every application.

Customized X-ray optics, tailored to your requirements

High-precision manufacturing.

Manufactured with the highest precision – for the best quality and durability

Constant further development.

Continuous optimization and further development of our optics

Outstanding properties.

Best values for aperture, intensity amplification and working distance in a broad energy spectrum from 1 - 50 keV

Concentrated expertise.

Over 30 years of know-how in the development of customized capillary optics and other optics

Made in Germany.

Development and manufacture of all components in Berlin

Application examples

Our X-ray optics enable a wide range of applications:

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD, µ-XRD, 2D-XRD)
    • Measuring stresses and texture
    • Spatially resolved phase analysis and mappings
    • Single crystal diffractometry
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF, µ-XRF, 3D-µ-XRF)
    • Measuring thin and very thin coatings and multilayer systems
    • Element and layer thickness mappings in the micrometer range
    • Measuring on the smallest components and microstructures
  • X-ray microscopy
  • Neutron activation analysis

Do you have other applications? Then contact us!

Imaging optics

The combination of large polycapillary structures (d ≤ 20 mm) with a CCD sensor enables energy- and spatially-resolved imaging of a sample. This allows the element distribution of the sample to be visualized without having to ablate it. A magnification of between 1:1 and 1:10 is possible.

Imaging optics

Optics types

  • X-ray light guide

      X-ray light guides. Efficient transmission and collimation of divergent X-rays.

      The simplest version of capillary optics is the X-ray light guide, a cylindrically shaped monocapillary. It collimates the X-ray beam spatially and limits the angle of divergence at the beam exit. Compared to a pinhole aperture, the X-ray light guide significantly increases the intensity on the sample. Depending on the application objective, X-ray light guides can be manufactured with different diameters and lengths.

      Each optic is custom-designed according to your requirements and closely coordinated with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


      Technical specification


      Capillary diameter D1

      10 - 1,000 µm

      Length L

      135, 165, 191, 210, 230 mm

      Energy range

      1 - 30 keV

      Intensity gain

      3 - 10

  • Other optics and optical components

      Other special optics and optical components on request:

      • Neutron optics: Compact glass capillary optics for neutron beams
      • Collimating, conical polycapillary structure: X-ray capillary optics with a conical basic shape for collimating and transmitting divergent radiation

      Let our experts advise you without obligation.

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