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Elliptically shaped X-ray monocapillaries belong to imaging single-bounce optical systems. The spot size is influenced by manufacturing accuracy of the imaging optics (e. g. slope error, straightness etc.) and the characteristics of the source. The main parameters of ellipsoids have to be optimised according to the particular application. Only a definite part of the ellipsoid is used for focussing, because the reflection angle should be lower than the critical angle. For image magnification this part lays between the first focal point where the source is positioned and the maximum diameter of the ellipsoid. For image demagnification the reflection part of the ellipsoid lays behind its maximum diameter.


Focussing system for ยตXRD, ยตXRF and synchrotron radiation

Source - focus distance 2a [mm] 250 ... 15000
Source - entrance distance f1 [mm] > 10
Exit - focus distance f2 [mm] > 1
Maximal diameter (2b) dmax [ยตm] 50 ... 3000
Entrance diameter D1 [ยตm] 50 ... 2000
Exit diameter D2 [ยตm] 50 ... 2000
Length L [mm] > 20
Energy range [keV] XUV ... 30
Optimal source size [ยตm] <
Focal spot size [ยตm] > 10
Housing diameter DHousing [mm] > 7
Intensity gain > 50
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