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Tactile Suite is our powerful software for tactile measurements. It is currently available for all instruments of the DMP series.

Tailored to suit your needs, Tactile Suite is the most intuitive software in tactile coating thickness measurement. This makes transferring, evaluating, and exporting your data more convenient than ever before.

  • Modern design and innovative user guidance
  • Quickly and easily transfer real-time measurement data to Excel or other data formats - conveniently via USB-C or Bluetooth
  • Automatic device and probe recognition: for fast deployment
  • Data is transferred immediately
  • Create and manage reports and measurement protocols individually with existing templates or flexibly create your own templates
  • Applications/batches can be renamed and are synchronized immediately

In just a few steps you get 100% security.

  1. Calibrate
  2. Measure
  3. Transfer data
  4. Create data report
  5. Guarantee quality
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