Tactile Suite®

Tactile Suite on laptop
Tactile Suite on laptop

Powerful software for tactile measuring.

Versatile and user-friendly software of the latest generation for data management and evaluation in coating thickness measurement and material testing. 


Manage and evaluate measurement data efficiently.

Tailored to your needs, the Tactile Suite® is the most intuitive software in tactile coating thickness measurement. The universal software is equipped with numerous smart functions to manage and evaluate your measurement data reliably and securely. This makes transferring, evaluating and exporting your data more convenient than ever before. The Tactile Suite® is currently available for all devices in the DMP®10-40 series, the FERITSCOPE® DMP®30 and SR-SCOPE® DMP®30.

Create data reports easily.

Easily create customized reports and measurement logs. Use our templates or adapt them according to your needs

Direct export to Excel.

Transfer your measurement data in real time or after measuring directly to Excel or other file formats – easily and conveniently via USB-C or Bluetooth

Instantly recognized and synchronized.

With the automatic and reliable device recognition, your probes and devices are recognized directly. Your measurement data is transferred and stored easily and immediately


These and many other functions make the Tactile Suite® the most intuitive software for tactile measurements:

  • Automatic device and probe detection

      The Tactile Suite® comes with automatic device recognition. This applies not only to the DMP® device, but also to the connected probe.

  • Backup & Restore

      The Tactile Suite® makes it possible to back up and restore all measurement data and settings for every device of the DMP® series. A new DMP® device can be easily configured from a backup.

  • Fast data synchronization

      The data from the measuring device is automatically synchronized when connected to the Tactile Suite®.

  • Offline mode

      Offline use of the data from the last synchronization. Data can be analyzed, edited and exported even without a measuring device connected. Several "snapshots" with date and time can be saved using the data synchronization management. This makes it possible to display an earlier synchronization result.

  • DMP® updates in Tactile Suite®

      Update devices of the DMP® series not only on the device itself, but also conveniently via the Tactile Suite®.

  • Rename function

      Option to change the device and batch name individually.

  • Bluetooth function

      For online measurements and data transmission.

  • Data export

      Measurement data can be exported directly in .csv, .txt and Excel format.

      • Export settings can be set in more detail depending on requirements
      • Block selection: It is possible to export a selection of blocks or all blocks
      • Export location: Own selection of the storage location
  • Message center

      To display events (such as the creation status of PDF documents), to open the PDF report or the device connection status.

  • Report functions

      Reports can be created quickly and with just a few clicks from the measurement data. It is also possible to include only a range of blocks in the report.


1. Unpack
2. Plug in
3. Calibrate
4. Measure
5. Transfer data
6. Create data report
7. Guarantee quality
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