First choice for copper thickness measurement.

Robust and powerful handheld device for measuring copper thickness on printed circuit boards.


Robust and durable thanks to
all-aluminum housing and IP64
Limit value monitoring via
light, sound and vibration
Rechargeable and
exchangeable battery

The specialist for tactile copper thickness measurement.

Comprehensive functionalities processed in a robust and high-quality housing with a modern design and the intuitive Tactile Suite® software. Our SR-SCOPE® DMP®30 is the specialist for measuring copper layers on PCBs. Check the copper thickness precisely and reliably without the influence of underlying layers in your production process, in incoming or outgoing goods.

Built to last.

Next level quality and durability thanks to all-aluminum housing

Perfect fit.

Measure 24/7 due to quick and easy battery change

Full measuring control.

Feedback via light, sound and vibration whether measured values are within tolerance within tolerance

Digital probe.

Fully digitized probe for the most demanding measurement tasks

Powerful software.

Automatic device recognition, easy data export and comprehensive reporting

  • Features

      Measuring method: Microresistivity

      Coating thickness measurement using the electrical 4-point resistance method in accordance with DIN EN 14571

      Measuring range: 0.5 - 10 µm or 5 - 120 µm

      Measured value memory: 250,000 in 2,500 applications

      Automatic device detection and easy data transfer via USB-C and Bluetooth

      Robust aluminum housing with protection class IP64

      Replaceable Li-ion battery for > 24 h operating time

      Digital probe D-PCB available

      Limit value monitoring via light, sound and vibration

  • Application examples

      • Measuring the copper thickness on the top side of PCBs and multilayers, without the insulated copper layers lying deeper influencing the measurement
      • Copper layer thicknesses from 0.5 - 10 µm and 5 - 120 µm

      Do you have other applications? Then contact us!

Application Notes
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