Fischer probes
Fischer probes

The heart of our measuring devices.

In-house produced probes for coating thickness measurement with proven Fischer quality for the most demanding measuring tasks. Benefit from the largest probe portfolio on the market. 


Broadest probe portfolio on the market.

The heart of our electromagnetic measuring systems is the probe. It generates the measurement signal, which is subsequently evaluated. Selecting the right probe is crucial for the quality of the measurement result. We offer you a comprehensive range of high-precision measuring probes for a variety of applications for coating thickness measurement and material testing. We will find the optimum probe for your measuring task from over 100 standard probes, numerous special probes and digital probes. If required, we can also develop individual custom designs.

Wide variety of probes.

Broadest portfolio on the market


Probes with different housing shapes and properties

Reliable measurement results.

Probes with outstanding measurement accuracy and linearity

Robust and wear-resistant.

Best quality for maximum service life

Individual factory calibration.

Ensures you the highest level of accuracy

Quality and safety.

Developed and produced in-house to meet the highest demands

Smart connectivity.

Convenient data transfer via DMP® device via USB-C or Bluetooth

Flexible F-adapter.

Continue to use the full power of analog probes with the DMP® device

  • Features

      Broadest probe portfolio on the market with over 100 standard probes

      Probes with integrated curvature compensation for reliable measurement on curved surfaces (amplitude sensitive eddy current measuring method)

      Robust, wear-protected probe poles ensure precise measurement results over the long term

      Different housing shapes and properties depending on the application

      Probes with conductivity compensation to avoid the influence of different electrical conductivities (amplitude sensitive eddy current measuring method)

      Numerous special probes for the most demanding measuring tasks

      Developed and produced in-house to meet the highest quality standards

      Individual factory calibration of each probe and in-house calibration standards ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability

      Almost constant contact pressure, even when measuring manually, thanks to spring-loaded probe systems

Properties and criteria for probe selection

Depending on the area of application, our probes have special properties and meet certain criteria in order to achieve optimum results with maximum accuracy. When selecting the optimum probe for your application, for example, we take the following measuring conditions into account:

Probe types and applications

Our range of probes is as diverse as the measuring tasks in the industrial environment. Thanks to constant development, refinement and innovation, our range of probes now comprises several hundred probes. Together with our application experts, we will find the right probe for your application.

  • Various probe pole designs

      For different surface properties:

      • Single-pole or double-pole
      • Round or flat poles
      • Different pole sizes
      • Different pole materials, such as hard metal, ruby, TiN/TiC, PVD-coated, hard plastic
  • Probes with different measuring methods

      • Magnetic-inductive probes: non-magnetizable coatings on well-magnetizable base materials
      • Amplitude sensitive eddy current probes: non-magnetizable and electrically non-conductive coatings on electrically conductive, non-magnetizable base materials
      • Dual probes: measuring on steel and non-ferrous metals
      • Phase sensitive eddy current probes: electrically conductive, also magnetizable coatings on many different base materials
      • Magnetic probes: magnetizable coatings on non-magnetizable base materials and non-magnetizable coatings (particularly thick metal layers) on base materials with good magnetizability
      • Conductivity probes: measuring the specific electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum alloys); confusion testing or indirect analysis of material properties (e.g. microstructure, degree of purity, hardness) via conductivity readings
      • Duplex probes: paint on electroplated zinc on steel, paint on hot-dip zinc on steel
      • Ferrite probes: ferrite content measurement and martensite content measurement on austenitic steels and duplex steels
  • Probes for special applications

      Time and again, particularly challenging measuring tasks arise for which only a special probe solution can deliver precise measurement results. For this reason, Fischer experts develop individual special designs as required in order to offer maximum repeatability and accuracy.

  • Digital probes

      With our digital probes, we offer smart and future-proof connectivity via USB-C interface and Bluetooth in conjunction with the DMP® series devices in proven Fischer quality. The digital probes are available for the entire DMP® series. You can continue to use the full performance of the analog probes with your DMP® device using our F-adapter. Experience the highest quality and maximum service life with our wear-resistant, serviceable and extremely robust probes with protection class IP65*.

      *Depending on probe type

Application Notes
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