The professional for duplex measuring.

The specialist for measuring the thickness of duplex layers from automotive to roof panels.


Unique on the market:
Phase-sensitive eddy current method
3 measuring methods
for measuring duplex layers
Robust design, ideal for
ambitious measuring tasks

The ultimate coating thickness gauge for the automotive industry.

The PHASCOPE® PMP10 DUPLEX combines three measuring methods for measuring duplex coatings in the automotive industry. The magnetic induction method according to DIN EN ISO 2178 measures the total thickness of paint/zinc layers on iron. The amplitude-sensitive eddy current method according to DIN EN ISO 2360 measures a single paint layer on aluminum. The phase-sensitive eddy current method according to ISO 21968 measures layers of zinc on iron, overlying paint layers are not taken into account.

Predestined for small parts.

Thanks to measurement with the phase-sensitive eddy current test method

Your security.

Reliable measurement results on curved measuring surfaces and rough surfaces

Measurement in just one pass.

Optimize quality processes and save time when measuring paint and zinc coatings

Three in one.

Combines three different measuring methods

Quick-measure design.

Automatic base material recognition simplifies measurement on steel or aluminum, as probe does not need to be changed

  • Features

      Measuring method: Magnetic inductive, amplitude sensitive and phase sensitive eddy current

      Measured value memory: 20,000

      DUAL measuring mode: Display of the total coating thickness (paint and zinc) on iron or paint on aluminum

      Data transfer via RS232 interface, optional USB

      Measuring mode DUPLEX: Display of paint on zinc on iron or paint on aluminum

      Measuring range: Depending on coating-base material combination and probe used 0 - 2,000 µm

  • Application examples

      • Duplex measurements such as paint/zinc on steel
      • Paint on aluminum and paint on zinc on iron
      • Micrometer-thin layers on non-ferrous metals, steel or iron
      • Multilayer systems consisting of individual, thin layers in the micrometer range
      • Measuring on curved geometries such as convex and concave surfaces as well as rough surfaces

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