MMS® Inspection DPM

Dew point determination made easy.

Robust measuring device for determining the relevant climatic parameters in coating processes in heavy corrosion protection.


IP65: Dust- and

Ideal for the
use onsite

Heavy-duty corrosion protection, simple dew point measurement.

With the MMS® Inspection DPM, you can quickly and easily monitor the climate parameters relevant for coating processes directly before applying the corrosion protection layer. The handy dew point meter with IP65 reliably measures the relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature. This makes calculating the dew point simple and effortless.

The MMS® Inspection DPM is part of the three-part MMS® Inspection corrosion kit, the Fischer handheld measuring gauges for comprehensive corrosion protection.

Built to last.

Extremely robust thanks to dust- and splash-proof housing

Modern and intuitive user interface.

Rotating display for any viewing angle and in poor lighting conditions

Full measuring control.

Feedback during measurement by light

Perfect fit.

Easy one-hand operation through compact design

Designed for coating processes.

Optimum preparation for the application of anti-corrosion coatings

Easy calibration.

Achieve the highest level of accuracy

  • Features

      Measured value memory: 10,000 in one application or 250,000 in 2,500 applications

      Dust- and splash-proof according to IP65

      Measuring range: air temperature (Ta) -20 to +60°C, surface temperature (Ts) -20 to +80°C, relative humidity (RH) 0 to 100 %RH

      Automatically rotating display for every viewing angle and in poor lighting conditions

      Easy data transfer via USB and Bluetooth, depending on the device version

      Battery for > 8 h operating time

      Resistant temperature sensors integrated in the device, additional external magnetic surface temperature sensor can be connected as an option

      Limit value monitoring via light, depending on device version

  • Application examples

      • Measuring and recording the environmental conditions required for surface coating

      Do you have other applications? Then contact us!

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