Fischer DataCenter

Fischer DataCenter on laptop
Fischer DataCenter on laptop

Comprehensive software for tactile measurements.

Proven software solution with extensive evaluation and statistical functions for tactile coating thickness measurement and material testing. 


Convenient transfer, evaluation and printing of measured values.

It is essential to process measurement results in such a way that important findings can be reliably derived for process management. The Fischer DataCenter software offers you the possibility of immediate evaluation of the measurement results and thus a quick overview of the process. The measured values can be quickly and easily transferred to the PC and inspection reports can be created and printed.

Evaluation and statistics functions.

Visualize your data such as histograms and cumulative frequencies graphically or in tabular form using drag-and-drop

Creation of individual test plans.

Create individual test plans to guide the operator understandably through the measurement sequence of the test plan. The data transfer and evaluation takes place conveniently on the PC (DUALSCOPE® FMP100 only)

Create data reports easily.

Generate custom reports with your own logos, images, and graphics, or based on scanned forms


These and many other functions make the Fischer DataCenter a powerful software partner for tactile measuring devices in terms of measurement planning as well as evaluation, archiving and documentation of measurement data:

  • Simple and convenient measuring device connection

      The device wizard helps you to connect a Fischer measuring device to the Fischer DataCenter quickly and conveniently. The interface parameters are automatically recognized and saved in a device file.

  • Compatibility

      Fischer DataCenter works with almost all communication-capable instruments from Fischer and is also backwards-compatible with all older instruments with a data interface (USB, RS232). The Tactile Suite® software is available for devices from the DMP® family.

  • Transfer and archive measured values

      Measured values can be transferred from the measuring device to the software via cable; in the basic version, transfer is also possible via Bluetooth. The data is stored in files within a freely configurable folder structure. Results files can be found quickly using the search function.

  • Evaluation and display of the measurement results

      Versatile evaluation and statistical functions and a clear display of measurements. Measured values can be filtered according to various criteria.

  • Report export function

      The measurement data is exported as CSV or PDF and enables convenient documentation and archiving of measurement results. There is also the option to create report templates for high-quality measurement or test reports with an integrated editor.

  • Test plan function

      The Fischer DataCenter extends the functionality of the DUALSCOPE® FMP100 and DUALSCOPE® H FMP150 instruments with powerful test plan functions and turns them into test plan terminals. In addition to the DataCenter functions, this software can be used to convert internal test specifications into test plans. The test plans are created on the PC and then loaded onto the specified measuring devices, which can be any number with the IP-Multi program version. The operator is guided step by step through the measured value recording on the display of the measuring device.

Create individual test plans.

The Fischer DataCenter IP-Multi software is available for the DUALSCOPE® FMP100 coating thickness gauge. In addition to the Fischer DataCenter functions, you can use this software to convert internal factory test specifications into test plans. The test plans are created on the PC and can be loaded onto any number of measuring devices. The operator is guided step by step through the process of recording the measured values on the display of the measuring device. This turns your DUALSCOPE® FMP100 into a data terminal.

1. Create test plan
2. Transfer test plan
3. Calibrate
4. Measure
5. Transfer data
6. Evaluate measurement results
7. Optimize your production process

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