Coating thickness measurement at the highest level.

The device series for maximum flexibility and control in coating thickness measurement. Ideal for the use of inspection plans.


Step-by-step test plans for the
reduction of user errors
Reliable measurement results
on curved and rough surfaces
Optimize quality processes
and save time

Coating thickness measurement for professional quality assurance.

The powerful DUALSCOPE® FMP100 and DUALSCOPE® H FMP150 coating thickness gauges are predestined for the most demanding measuring tasks in quality assurance. The former combines the magnetic inductive measuring method and the eddy current method in one device. This allows you to measure coating thicknesses on steel and coating thicknesses on non-ferrous metals without changing the measuring device. The DUALSCOPE® H FMP150 also offers you the magnetic method.

Two in one.

Magnetic induction and eddy current method for highest flexibility (FMP100)

Inspection plans.

Step-by-step measurement guide to reduce user errors

Meeting all challenges.

Reliable and fast results for ambitious measurement tasks

Three in one.

Magnetic induction, magnetic and eddy current method for highest flexibility (FMP150)

Maximum flexibility.

Choose the right probe for your application

Easy to use.

Fast and simple operation thanks to intuitive menu

  • Features

      Automatic probe and base material detection

      Measuring method: Magnetic induction method, eddy current method and magnetic method, depending on the device

      Simple data transfer via USB

      Measured value memory: For a large number of measurements

      Optionally available: Create individual test plans with additional, fee-based software license

      High-resolution touchscreen display with virtual keyboard, operable with pen or finger

      Limit value monitoring via sound

      Measuring range: Dependent on coating-base material combination and probe used

      Probes available for a wide range of applications

  • Application examples

      • Non-magnetic coatings on iron and steel
      • Insulating layers on non-ferrous metals
      • Duplex coatings (paint/fire zinc) on steel in the area of heavy corrosion protection, whereby the paint and zinc coatings are measured in one measurement process and displayed separately
      • Thick metal and protective coatings on steel or iron (DUALSCOPE® H FMP150)
      • Nickel layers on non-ferrous metals or electrical insulators (DUALSCOPE® H FMP150)

      Do you have other applications? Then contact us!

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