Our coulometry specialist.

Benchtop instrument for measuring coating thicknesses and electrochemical potentials using the coulometric method. 


Predefined measuring tasks
for different layer systems
Measuring of the
entire layer structure
Simple calibration for a
maximum degree of accuracy

Coulometric coating thickness measurement for quality control.

Above a certain coating thickness, using X-ray fluorescence to measure coating thicknesses non-destructively will reach its limits. This is where the COULOSCOPE® CMS2 comes into play. Use the coulometric method to measure the coating thickness of almost all metal coatings precisely and reliably by electrolytic layer detachment. This easy-to-use benchtop device offers maximum flexibility, as it can be used for a wide range of coating-substrate combinations.

Optimal measurement concept.

Predefined measurement tasks for different coating systems

Easy calibration.

Achieve the highest level of accuracy

Individually expandable.

Extensive accessories enable practical work and safe storage

Intuitive operation.

Color display and graphically supported user guidance

Maximum flexibility.

Exact coating thickness measurement of almost any coating-substrate-combination

  • Features

      Graphic representation of the voltage curve at the measuring cell

      Almost 100 predefined measuring tasks for different coating systems (such as zinc on iron or nickel on brass)

      Deplating the coating according to DIN EN ISO 2177

      Simple data transfer via USB interface

      Measuring range: Depending on the coating-base material combination and the removal speed 0.02 - 50 µm

      Measured value memory: 3,000 in 50 applications

      Functions for STEP test measurement in accordance with ASTM B764 - 04 and DIN EN 16866

      Simple selection of the detachment speed (0.1 - 50 µm/min) and the detachment area (0.6 - 3.2 mm Ø)

      Measuring method: Coulometry by anodic stripping

  • Application examples

      • Measuring the coating thickness of almost all metallic single and multilayer coatings on almost any base material
      • Quality control of electroplated coatings
      • Monitoring the residual tin layer thickness on PCBs
      • STEP test measurement: measuring single layer thicknesses and potential differences in multiple nickel layers on copper, iron, aluminum or plastic substrates (ABS)

      Do you have other applications? Then contact us!

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