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  • Portable handheld gauge with large, color touchscreen
  • Non-destructive measurements in seconds
  • Intuitive operation using Windowsโ„ข CE operating system โ€“ easy even for untrained personnel
  • Variable penetration depths to measure a range of thicknesses
  • Non-contact measurement e.g. through plastic covers up to 0.5 mm thick
  • Conductivity measurement according to DIN 50994
  • Uses the eddy current measuring method according to ASTM E1004
  • Various measuring probes and calibration standards available for coins and gold bars
  • Ambient temperature range of 0 โ€“ 40 ยฐC



  • Non-destructive testing of gold bullion from approx. 1 oz (31.1 g) to 1 kg 
  • Detection of non-precious inclusions (e.g. tungsten)


  • Non-destructive testing of gold coins and bars up to approx. 100 g
  • Testing of gold alloys for their correct composition
  • Verification of commercially available precious-metal coins such as Krugerrands and ducats based on their specific conductivity values

Err on the side of caution with simple gold testing and save your money!

Are you always on the alert for fake gold coins, bars etc.? But how to test gold? With the handheld devices SIGMASCOPE GOLD B and SIGMASCOPE GOLD C, you can check the authenticity of gold anytime โ€“ quickly and accurately. Using conductivity, these gold testers reliably show if inclusions of foreign materials like tungsten are present. The authenticity testing of gold is therefore non-destructive and causes no loss of material or value.

The SIGMASCOPE GOLD B was developed especially for analyzing gold bullion. While this handheld device can measure bars up to 17mm thick (from approx. 1 oz to approx. 1 kg), its variable penetration depth settings also make the testing of thinner bars possible. 

The SIGMASCOPE GOLD C is a handheld device for checking the authenticity of gold coins and thin bars (up to approx. 100 g). Whether itโ€™s Krugerrands, ducats, coin gold or fine gold โ€“ with this easy-to-use gold tester, you know immediately whether that which glitters is really gold.

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