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  • Measurement and computation of material parameters according to DIN EN ISO 14577 and ASTM E 2546
  • Determination of numerous plastic and elastic properties such as Vickers hardness, modulus of indentation and creep
  • Dynamic measurement mode (dynamic mechanical analysis)
  • Suitable for testing solid materials and coatings in the nanometer range, test-force range 0.005 โ€“ 500 mN 
  • Modular design allows for easy adaption to your needs
  • Zero point determined in less than a minute, enabling quick measurements
  • Programmable XY stage with positioning accuracy of 0.5ยตm makes measuring on small areas like bond wires possible
  • Samples up to 13 cm tall can be measured
  • High-quality scientific microscope
  • Thermally stable: measures at constant temperatures for several hours
  • Powerful WIN-HCU software for intuitive operation and evaluation 
  • Indenters: Vickers, Berkovich or carbide ball, as well as special indenters on request


  • Measurements on extremely small test areas, e.g. bond pads in the semiconductor industry
  • Analysis of ion-implanted surfaces
  • Testing of nano layers with sensors
  • Measurements on biological materials
  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis of small samples
  • Measurement of the hardness and elasticity of PVD, CVD coatings like DLC (diamond-like carbon), as well as chemical nickel layers
  • Automated measurements on multiple samples
  • Determination of the mechanical properties of structural components in materialography

High-end technology for challenging measurement tasks

The PICODENTORยฎ HM 500 combines high-end technology with simple operation. The device is designed for extremely fine instrumented nanoindentation testing and dynamic mechanical analysis. It allows depth-dependent determination of material parameters such as Martens or Vickers hardness and the modulus of penetration.

The HM500โ€™s excellent force and displacement resolution make it possible to analyze coatings in the nanometer range. This provides a level of accuracy usually found only in very complex โ€“ and much more expensive โ€“ measuring instruments.

Fischer believes in making your work as easy as possible. No matter whether the pieces you have to test have dark surfaces, complex geometries or are very small โ€“ just start measuring, no sample preparation required! And with the automated sample stage and powerful microscope, you can program automated tests with just a few clicks.

Accessories for best measuring conditions

  • Sound-insulating hood with vibration-damping system to reduce environmental influences
  • Heating sample stage for material testing at elevated temperatures
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM) for measuring roughness parameters
  • Sample holder for various sample types, such as cross-sections and foils
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